Where Do You Want to Live?

Finding the perfect neighbourhood to live in can sometimes be a daunting task. So many factors to consider: How long is the commute? Is it a family area? What is the crime rate?

I’ve done a lot of travelling across Canada these last couple of months, from Moncton NB, to Kelowna BC, and all the major cities in between. From what I’ve seen, each neighbourhood and city is unique in that they offer something for everyone.

A popular saying in real estate is “Location, location, location.” When you think you have found the “perfect property”, consider these questions to find out whether it’s also the “perfect neighbourhood”:

  • Is it a quiet neighbourhood or high traffic area?
  • Are there schools nearby?
  • Are any social and recreational activities?
  • Are there Community services available?
  • What about public transport?
  • What are the weather conditions?

There are surely a lot of other important factors which will influence where you settle, and taking the time to discover a neighbourhood will make the decision process that much easier.

The new Century21.ca website recently introduced community web pages, now providing buyers with city and neighbourhood information when searching for a home. The sites outline neighbourhood boundaries and provide information on schools and transportation services in the area. The neighbourhood and city websites are powered by CENTURY 21 Brokers who share their expert knowledge on an area from historical facts, where to get groceries, what the locals are like and even, what favourite local haunts to visit.

Here are three communities featured on Century21.ca Community Web Pages:

Milton, ON: this community was named the fastest growing community in 2006. Originally named Mill Town, the community has seen a lot of new developments and is very popular with young families. If you lived in this neighbourhood you would be close to Crawford Lake, Rattlesnake Point and the Glen Eden Ski and Snowboard Centre.

Located 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa, Old Chelsea, QC, is a small town popular with families young and old. There are charming shops and galleries along Scott Road and Old Chelsea Road, and a farmer’s market with local produce. Good restaurants in the area include Les Fougères and L’Orée du bois. If you’re in the area, the historic Mackenzie King Estate, home of Canada’s longest-serving prime minister, is located nearby.

The Town of Beausejour with a population of about 2700 people is situated 46 km East of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This town is seeing a lot of commercial expansion and is the gateway to one of Manitoba’s best vacationing spots. If you like gardens, visit the Beausejour Daylily Gardens, which is recognized internationally as the coldest American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) display garden on the planet.

Century21.ca neighbourhood and city websites help house hunters and investors save time by finding out if a neighbourhood is a right fit even before looking at a property. Even those not yet seeking a new home or investment property can enjoy exploring communities across Canada just for fun.

So what draws you to a neighbourhood? Is it amenities, proximity to sports activities, or being in a quiet suburban area? Tell us what information you would like to know about your next community.

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