Your Home Wants to Look Good for Open House

I'm not in the habit of putting letters in this blog, but this one received by a colleague of mine caught my attention. I wanted to share it in light of it being Open House Month at CENTURY 21 across Canada.

Dear Owner:

I've noticed you always like to put your best face forward when you're meeting folks. I've been holding up your toiletries in that bedroom-suite bathroom for years now, so I know exactly what's goes into getting that best face made!

What about me? What about my best face? I overheard you talking about holding an Open House. OK, I'm resigned now to the fact that you're leaving me - probably for a younger, pretty home - but please, don't humiliate me....

Don't show me off at an Open House without making me up. I want a new coat of paint, and a bunch of other cosmetic touches, thank you very much.

And it's not like you aren't going to get anything out of it - beside a better asking price for me, of course. Right now you can get two times the AIR MILES reward miles when you buy $60 or more worth of all kinds of pretty-up stuff from RONA stores. And you can earn 15 AIR MILES bonus reward miles with the purchase of each 3.78-litre container of RONA interior latex or alkyd paint.

Just thinking about how good I'll look in a new coat of paint is giving my walls goosebumps... wait until they subside before you start stroking on all that glorious new colour, please.

Oh, and not that I owe you any favours, but since you're selling me anyway, did you know that you can earn more AIR MILES reward miles three different ways with CENTURY 21 Canada?


Your (Soon to be Former) Home

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