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To be home to more than 1000 families, the Airdrie Community of Williamstown offers an extraordinary community built with sustainability in mind. A community that respects its natural environment. A community that appreciates the importance of individualism and the need for personal space. A community that understands the value of neighbours and being surrounded by a diverse group of like-minded people.

Williamstown is made up of a wide variety of housing types catering to the many different family life stages. Truly, there is something for everyone – spacious townhomes for first time buyers, young families and empty nesters and large single family homes for growing families.

Come, take a walk around the neighbourhood. Experience our interactive Discovery Centre, appreciate the craftsmanship on display in our four showhomes and when you're ready to stretch your legs explore more than 60 acres of open space - including parks, ponds, pathways and playgrounds, together with the 45-acre Nose Creek environmental reserve.

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Local Attractions

Blog Posts About: Local Attractions
Location, Location, Location! Isn’t that what we keep hearing as the number one need buyers are looking for when buying a home? Well, we may need to rephrase that to Turn-Key, Turn-Key, Turn-Key. According to a recent national survey done by CENTURY 21 Canada and RONA, number one home buying priority is a move-in ready home, with a 25% vote; while location falls just below at 23% and having ... Read More...
Posted by Aggie Henry on 2013-10-30
Hey guys, As you can read from the tiltle of this blog (looking for a home under 100K) I just listed one in Airdrie AB.  You can check it out here: http://www.century21.ca/Property/100883297 If you want to schedule a viewing please call 403.671.0740. Talk soon!!! Read More...
Posted by Raj Nijjar on 2013-07-04

Construction and Expansion

Blog Posts About: Construction and Expansion
Are you thinking of moving this spring?  "Spring" seems to be the most popular time of year for people to put their homes on the market. Everyone always seems to be "waiting for spring"! Whatever the time of year, the most important thing any home seller can ever do is TIDY UP.  In most cases, significant, or even insignificant, renovations aren't really necessary. And by "not necessary", ... Read More...
Posted by Trevor Foraie on 2014-03-19
I wasn't quite awake yet when Mayor Nenshi took the stage at the CREB Forecast Conference on January 15. The grainy pancakes weren't helping either. It turns out, he's a real person, not just an entertaining twitter feed. He has a way of poking you with a few good jokes, softly speaking some facts to perk up your mind, and then hitting you with an espresso shot of cold hard truth. 'The music ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2014-01-24

Community Events

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Open house Sunday, April 6 from 1 to 4 110 Windwood Grove Airdrie, Alberta BEAUTIFULLY UPGRADED 2835 sqft 2 storey WALKOUT backing onto a PATHWAY, GREEN SPACE, FARMLAND, OPEN SKYS & MOUNTAIN VIEWS! Just finish the unspoiled basement walkout and you'll have it all! The main level includes HARDWOOD, a BIG dining room, and an office/den. The kitchen has FANTASTIC KITCHENAIDE appliances, DOUBLE ... Read More...
Posted by Veronika Ellwand on 2014-04-03
I was re-entering the conference hall a few minutes before the end of the afternoon break at the Calgary Real Estate Board's annual Forecast yesterday. A dark skinned dude about my height was rocking a really nice suit a few steps ahead of me: very dark grey with pinstripes, a light patterned shirt, and an agressively patterned tie. I already idolized this Harvey Spector figure. The over zealous ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2014-01-16

Family & Kids

Blog Posts About: Family & Kids
How do you measure milestones? How do you determine the success in your life? What does success mean to each of us? I believe each of us is successful. But I am a pretty optimistic person! Plus success can be measured in many different ways.........especially to suit yourself! If you look up success in the Merriam-Webster dictionary you will find the following definition: suc·cess noun ... Read More...
Posted by Veronika Ellwand on 2014-02-21
Ah the benefits of living in a close Community! Recently I was reminded of how wonderful living in a community that is connected can be.  You see, my father recently suffered the tragic loss of sight.  The impact of this has been immense, but so too has been the out-pouring of care and concern from their neighbours.  Do you remember the TV show The Simpsons, and the friendly do-gooder ... Read More...
Posted by KaraLee Foat on 2013-12-17

Market Reports and Conditions

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Many of us can remember saying to our parents "I can hardly wait until I am done school 'cause then I'll never have to worry about homework again!" While we are in school, we think homework will all be done once school is finished. Once you are out in the "Real World", the hard facts come to slap you square in the face. Homework on the “road to success” never ends, whatever road that might be ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-04-13
I have a love/hate relationship with statistics. I’ve always believed that statistics provide necessary insight, but they never uncover the entire picture. Making a choice based purely on statistics is a never a good idea. If you don't care much about basketball, you'll probably want to skip to the end. If you love basketball as much as I do, feel free to comment.  This year, for the ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2014-04-11

Restaurants / Bars / Coffee Houses

Most people we know have seen the 2000 Kevin Spacey/Helen Hunt movie "Pay It Forward". For those unfortunate few who have not, it's a touching movie about giving before you receive. Critics panned it but the majority of moviegoers liked it according to Flixster.  Nonetheless, whether you are a fan or not, the movie brought into the modern lexicon of "Paying it Forward". Give, donate, and don't ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2013-09-06

Schools & Universities

Blog Posts About: Schools & Universities
  Recently, a news report highlighted home affordability and the challenges; “Home affordability to deteriorate with rising mortgage costs: RBC”, especially for new home buyers. It points out the widening gap in entry into home ownership. Following the thread of comments, some encourage renting as "the" option for younger people. (We talked about that here already ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-02-25
Are you thinking of listing your house in Calgary or Airdrie, and want to give your home the best shot at selling? Many people place their home on the market merely “as is” and just hope for a sale. Well, I have to tell you that hoping simply won’t do it. If you want the best possible price, in the least amount of time, you need to get proactive, hire a good real estate agent and ... Read More...
Posted by Aggie Henry on 2012-07-31


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The new BlackBerry® is full of so many things to be excited about. The rear camera has auto-focus and renders 8 mega pixel images or 1080p video recording. The front camera which was designed specifically for video conferencing supports 720p videos. That is up to par with the iPhone 5! The camera has time shift mode so you can adjust your pictures to capture the perfect moments. It captures ... Read More...
Posted by Michelle Plach on 2013-02-14

Sports & Activities

Blog Posts About: Sports & Activities
This blog is so epic that I created a trailer... Century 21 is always finding ways to be current, innovative, and stay one step ahead. Century 21 doesn't just say they are Smarter Bolder Faster - they live it. Since that's the kind a person I am, and REALTOR that I strive to be, it's a perfect match.  Another perfect match is that Century 21 in the USA sponsors the Bobsled and Skeleton ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2014-02-15
          We often wonder why some excel at the Olympics, some disappoint and others wilt under the pressure. When you look at the training regimens now of the Olympic athletes, many are identical. Coaches now are truly international moving from one national team to another. Equipment is measured and equalized.  So the never changing question - Why do some win and ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-02-13
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