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Bruderheim, AB

 If you're looking for an area to move to where the grass really is greener, Bruderheim, AB will provide all that you need when it comes to growing a family, or simply looking for a smaller town to reside in. Located in the central region of Alberta, Canada, this is a community that was founded in 1894 and resides just east of the North Saskatchewan River. There are two intersecting highways that meet in this beautiful area which provides easy access for those looking for a small community in which to call home. If you are looking to grow family, or you're looking for real estate opportunities, you will find many options available to you in this area.

* Community

This is a town of only 1200 residents which makes it an ideal location for those seeking a quiet, warm, and inviting community. This area is surrounded by farmland, so for those looking for a small community that has a lot to offer when it comes to open space - this may be the ideal location. For those that enjoy family, you will find that there is always something to do especially when it comes to community dance and uniting neighbors. You will discover that the small town is dedicated to a wide variety of community groups, programs, and events for the entire family.

* Real Estate

For being a small community, Bruderheim, AB is very open-minded when it comes to people looking to relocate in this small yet beautiful area. There are homes available in the area that start out at very affordable prices, and you will find that the tax rates located in this area are some of the lowest in the region. Whether you are buying to build, or you are buying an existing location, you will discover that this area will provide all that is needed when it comes to real estate opportunities and investment options.

* Parks and Recreation

For those that are interested in outdoor activities, you'll discover that Bruderheim, AB will have something for everyone. Camping, hiking, climbing, or jogging will be some of the things you can do when it comes to outdoor activities. With beautiful green spaces, paved walking trails, and a chuck wagon racetrack, you will find these wonderful things and much, much more in the wonderful town of Bruderheim.

* Schools

For those that want to make sure that their students are properly educated, there are a number of programs that will provide excellent options for those seeking to have their students educated in this area. Because of the size of Bruderheim, students K-6 will have opportunities within the town itself. Students that are of the junior high and high school ages will be bused to schools in the surrounding areas.

Bruderheim, AB provides an excellent opportunity for those that are concerned with community, real estate, outdoor activities, and education for their children. If you have any wants and needs in these areas, this is a location that you'll want to learn more about before making your decision on an area to relocate.

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