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Calgary, AB

"Heart of the New West"

Calgary is an attractive and dynamic city situated on the banks of the Bow River and close to Alberta's majestic Rocky Mountains. The Calgary Stampede is undoubtedly Calgary's best-known visitor attraction. This event, featuring a large parade and world-class rodeo, draws more than a million people each year. The host city of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games takes pride in its sporting legacy. Canada Olympic Park is a multi-purpose athletic facility designed for skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh and luge during the winter and mountain biking during the summer. The Pengrowth Saddledome is the home of the NHL's Calgary Flames, as well as being the venue for countless events and concerts throughout the year. Other attractions, including the Glenbow Museum, Calgary Tower and Eau Claire Market are other great places to visit year-round. Visit the travel guides for Edmonton, Kananaskis Country, Canmore, Banff, Bragg Creek and Drumheller for information about visitor destinations near Calgary.

Local Attractions

Blog Posts About: Local Attractions
Located in central Airdrie, this Salon has a trending interior decor,with great stylists and affordable prices. I have personally been going to this salon and have enjoyed the atmosphere and the great work. This salon is cozy and friendly and you will always be greeted as you walk in. The owner/stylist Wendy and the girls do a wonderful job. They remain up-to-date with current trends and techniques. ... Read More...
Posted by Aggie Henry on 2014-10-17
ATTENTION Entrepreneurs: Located in the heart of SE, high traffic area of Chinook Centre is your chance to buy an already established Laser Hair Removal business with lots of clientele base. The owner operates out of a room in a Spa & Hair Salon. Comes with all equipment (which is still under warranty till Feb 2015), an Incorporation name (You can change the business name later or keep the same ... Read More...
Posted by Zaeena Gul on 2014-05-09

Construction and Expansion

Here is a link to the City of Calgary website with information on Flood Recovery.  Click HERE to be directed

Blog Posts About: Construction and Expansion
Bathroom upgrades using overlays If you're considering a bathroom update, you're probably familiar with the typical approaches, such as replacing a countertop or toilet, or removing all the fixtures and finishes to complete a floor-to-ceiling renovation.  However, there is another, far less expensive way to make an older bathroom look brand new: using overlays.  An overlay is simply a ... Read More...
Posted by Deborah Scruggs on 2014-04-07
Amazing work that goes in to planning, and then the execution of a complete renovation. Here is a snippet of what actually happens.   Here is the you tube channel for Remodel It, our episode   What we had done: addition of a mudroom, extend master bedroom and add an on suite.  Renovation 3 years ago with all new windows and doors, ... Read More...
Posted by Dale Green on 2014-03-27

Community Events

The city of Calgary has many various community events throughout the year.  For the most current list of events, click HERE and you will be directed to the City of Calgary website with a full calendar of events.

Blog Posts About: Community Events
Do you remember grade school? There was always at least one, sometimes more. As they got older they gravitated to each other and ran in packs. Bullies! They often used physical force, either their own or borrowed from followers, to steal your lunch, to push you around the playground and basically let everyone know who ruled the neighbourhood. As with most immaturities, childhood bullies often grow ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-09-18
Block Parties: not as common as they once were. Most people today would associate them with the movies—something very American, often following a neighborhood triumph against some dark force, inevitably produced by Disney. However, block parties are making a massive comeback.  Block parties are such a great way to celebrate your community! There is a reason you chose to live there, after ... Read More...
Posted by Bob Sheddy on 2014-08-25

Family & Kids

Blog Posts About: Family & Kids
Often when we are in a group of friends and colleagues, the conversation naturally turns to kids. I hear things like, "Let me tell you what my teenager did...". "I can hardly wait until they are out on their own, then they will learn". Or even better, the look at us followed by the words, "your kids are older, you know what I am talking about". This is often followed by a blank stare and nothing ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-09-14
You’ve likely seen this article on the cover of Maclean's magazine this week while waiting in the long line at the one open till at Safeway. Here's a link if you want to read it: The End of Neighbours  These are some Coles Notes quotes: ‘The evolving modern definition of a good neighbour is no longer someone who is part of your life, someone you chat with over the fence, a reliable ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2014-08-19

Parks & Recreation

Blog Posts About: Parks & Recreation
Hardy Plants Make Gardening and Landscaping Easier To make gardening easier, consider plants that offer good ground cover, adapt well under the range of local conditions, and work within your designated hardiness zone (determined by average minimum temperature). As a general example, hostas are a broad-leafed species that will thrive in most North ... Read More...
Posted by Deborah Scruggs on 2013-05-07

Market Reports and Conditions

Blog Posts About: Market Reports and Conditions
  For anyone not familiar with personality profiles or not having an understanding of them, there are four types that seem to be universally accepted. These blend together and are only one facet of what we’re made of. But, they do provide some insight as to how we react and how we view the world around us. There are a myriad of specialists and authors who differ in their label of these ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-10-14
Housing activity is on the rise in Calgary’s surrounding areas with double-digit sales growth in Airdrie, Okotoks and Cochrane by the end of the third quarter. Year-to-date, 4,449 units were sold in all surrounding areas, which represents a 26 per cent increase over the previous year. “After the first three quarters of the year, sales activity continues to climb at a good pace in surrounding ... Read More...
Posted by Chantal Kowalski on 2014-10-14

Restaurants / Bars / Coffee Houses

My good friend Kent has been talking about buying his first house for a while. His parents Lorne and Sandi Zentner were in town last week checking on the city wing of their family business, Silver Sage Beef. It only took a few nights of Sandi sharing her son’s bed and Lorne on an air mattress in the living room of Kent's tiny apartment for them to tell my wife (on her weekly visit to pick up ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2014-08-29
Most people we know have seen the 2000 Kevin Spacey/Helen Hunt movie "Pay It Forward". For those unfortunate few who have not, it's a touching movie about giving before you receive. Critics panned it but the majority of moviegoers liked it according to Flixster.  Nonetheless, whether you are a fan or not, the movie brought into the modern lexicon of "Paying it Forward". Give, donate, and don't ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2013-09-06

Schools & Universities

  • For the City of Calgary Public Schools click HERE
  • For the City of Calgary Catholic Schools click HERE
  • For Private Schools in Calgary click HERE
  • For the University of Calgary click HERE
  • For Mount Royal Univeristy click HERE
  • For SAIT click HERE
  • For Alberta College of Art and Design click HERE
Blog Posts About: Schools & Universities
  Recently, a news report highlighted home affordability and the challenges; “Home affordability to deteriorate with rising mortgage costs: RBC”, especially for new home buyers. It points out the widening gap in entry into home ownership. Following the thread of comments, some encourage renting as "the" option for younger people. (We talked about that here already ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-02-25
Lifelong memories will be made in Calgary this weekend as our city hosts the Alberta high school 4A basketball championships. Right now, I'm sitting in the gym at St. Francis high school; it is the ugliest gym I've ever been in. The low ceiling makes it feel cramped and the bright lights emphasis the putrid orange paint that's totally unnecessary for a team called the Browns. I can't help but remember ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2013-03-14


For a full list of great places to shop in Calgary, click HERE and you will find a list courtesy of Visit Calgary.

Blog Posts About: Shopping
  "I've heard of buyer's remorse, but sellers' regret, what is that?"   Most of us have heard of it, many have experienced it, and some have gotten over it. What is "it"? Buyer's remorse. That natural and perfectly normal emotion of concern when we purchase something large and wonder...   "Did I make the right decision?” “Should I have done more ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-06-12 This is an incredible presale investment opportunity.  Its already over 70% reserved.   Read More...
Posted by Wasim Elafech on 2013-10-16

Sports & Activities

Blog Posts About: Sports & Activities
This blog is so epic that I created a trailer... Century 21 is always finding ways to be current, innovative, and stay one step ahead. Century 21 doesn't just say they are Smarter Bolder Faster - they live it. Since that's the kind a person I am, and REALTOR that I strive to be, it's a perfect match.  Another perfect match is that Century 21 in the USA sponsors the Bobsled and Skeleton ... Read More...
Posted by Tim Olynik on 2014-02-15
          We often wonder why some excel at the Olympics, some disappoint and others wilt under the pressure. When you look at the training regimens now of the Olympic athletes, many are identical. Coaches now are truly international moving from one national team to another. Equipment is measured and equalized.  So the never changing question - Why do some win and ... Read More...
Posted by The Leesman Team Advantage on 2014-02-13
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