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March 2015 Top Producers - Airdrie

Congratulations to the March 2015 Top Producers for Airdrie: 1. Crystal Adamo 2. Veronika Ellwand 3. Clint Willies 4. Andre Aubut 5. Mari Carr Keep up the excellent work!

C21 Team #30 in production in Canada!

Congratuations C21 Team for being #30 in production in Canada! Thank you to all our Realtors for making this happen!  

Taste is a Matter of Opinion (or What do REALTORs® Eat?)

Every day in the life of a REALTOR® is unique. Real estate agents assist people through the process of buying and selling of land, homes and other properties. In addition to staying current with real estate laws and market trends, agents are tasked with a whole bunch of daily duties and responsibilities, from lead generation and marketing, to open houses and property ...

Character Homes - There Have Always Been Little Boxes on the Hillside

  Before I was a REALTOR and saw thousands of homes, I really liked the theme song from Weeds. I thought it was like a poignant middle finger to the home building industry. A skeptic can say that our homes have become cookie cutter boxes covering a hillside, all filled with similar ticky-tacky from Ikea. But the song pre-supposes that there was a time when this wasn’t the case; when ...

Nerding Out Properly: Writing a Good Offer

  If you asked a nerd, ‘Would you pay more for insert nerdy new video game here if you could have it on the first possible day it was released?’ What would you expect the nerd to say? ‘YESSSS!!’ What if you could have insert nerdy new video game here a week later at a lower price, but it might be sold out, would you take that chance? ‘NOOOO!!’ When ...

Happy Valentines Day

  Did you know - there are 150 Million Valentines Day cards exchanged Annually! Making it the second most popular day for sending cards!  

The Christmas of Sue's Dreams

When you have kids Christmas is special. Even more for Grandparents. For my mother in law, Sue, it was the Christmas she’s always dreamt about. Sue is an easily excitable, wonderfully supportive, and stubborn woman. This was an incredible year for her. It started in January when I helped Sue purchase her very first home. For a constantly hard working and sacrificing single ...

A Lesson From The Newsroom - Twitter and Real Estate Apps Don't Make You a Pro

Why are you reading this? I'm not a writer. I'm not a journalist, or novelist, or screen writer. I've never been paid a single cent for anything I've written. I’m certainly not Aaron Sorkin. Before you ditch me and go back to Twitter, let me explain. It's the Internet's fault. The intertubes have turned us all into amateur ‘somethings’. I'm an amateur writer, but a real estate professional. ...
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