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$315,836 Avg. List Price

The Northmount neighbourhood is located in north-central Edmonton and is surrounded on all sides by residential neighbourhoods, including the newly redeveloping Griesbach neighbourhood to the west. Northmount is bounded by 144th Avenue to the north, 82nd Street to the east, 137th Avenue to the south and 97th Street to the west. Connections with these major arterial roadways, particularly 137th Avenue and 97th Avenue and 97th Street, provide residents of Northmount good access to amenity and employment areas throughout the northern and central parts of the city. The neighbourhood design is based on a modified grid pattern and features a distinct separation on land uses. Northmount is dominated by three large land use groups. Residential land accounts for almost 70 percent of Northmount’s property area, and most of these properties were developed during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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