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Lamont, AB

If you are planning to relocate to the central Southeast region of Alberta, Canada, the small community of Lamont, AB will surely need to be considered. You will find that although this is a small community, there are many different sites to see, activities to take part in, and something that the entire family will be able to enjoy. For those looking for real estate opportunities, there are many to be found in the form of homes, businesses, and investment properties. Here you will discover more about this wonderful area and why people simply love this small yet comforting community.

* Schools

Education in the town of Lamont, AB is very important, and because of this - there are many different options available for those that have younger grade students. Lamont has a community school, an elementary, and a high school for those young students. For those looking for a higher education, the Lift Truck Training Institute of Canada is also located in Lamont as well.

* Parks & Recreation

There are a variety of different parks located in Lamont for those that are interested in daily walks, jogging, and some of the common outdoor activities. However, being in Lamont for any particular amount of time, you will quickly discover that this town is pretty big on golf. The Elk Island golf course is available for those that would like to play 18 holes of traditional golf, while for those that like to show off their skills at the game mini-golf - you'll have fun taking advantage of the Jungle Fever Mini-golf indoor facility located in this beautiful town as well.

* Real Estate

Anytime a person or a family will need to relocate, real estate opportunities will be extremely important. You will find that Lamont will provide you with a wide variety of options when it comes to homes you can choose from for the entire family. Whether you're looking for something in general, or you're looking for a real estate opportunity that is more specific, you will find a variety of options and opportunities available for you in the town of Lamont, AB. Although this area only has 2000 residents, you will find that it is only a short distance from Edmonton or Fort Saskatchewan. This makes this area an ideal location for those that don't mind a short commute when it comes to living in a smaller area.

* Community

You will find that this area has something for everyone when it comes to community. Whether you like camping, hotels or motels, your accommodation needs will be met without issue. If you like community groups, churches, or public libraries, Lamont will also have you covered in these areas as well. If you're looking for a community that provides professional services, you can look forward to professional real estate, insurance, photographers, and financial advisors that can help you in any of these areas in addition.

Lamont, AB is a community that simply cannot be overlooked when it comes to your relocation needs. Although this area is small when it comes to the number of residents, it is large in community, activities, and investment opportunities.

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