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Lloydminster, AB

There will come a time when a person won't be able to make up their minds as to whether they'd like to live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, if this is the case, you can always choose the beautiful location Lloydminster, AB. One half resides in Alberta while the other half resides in Saskatchewan. Meridian Avenue divides the city from east to west. However, although this is true, you'll still be able to live in a beautiful area that will provide all the accommodations and amenities one could hope for all in one place. Here you'll discover more about Lloydminster, as well as some of the real estate opportunities available, Parks and Recreation, and some fascinating points of interest.

* Real Estate

Whenever a person decides they have to move to any location whatsoever, real estate will probably be one of the most important issues that will need to be addressed. You'll find that Lloydminster, AB will provide you with exactly what you're looking for and much more. Whether you're looking for residential or commercial properties, these types of opportunities will be available to you. Of course, this will all be determined should you choose this wonderful location as your relocation destination. Whether you'd like to live on the east or west side of town you will have a variety of different options available.

* Parks and Recreation

On the Alberta side, you'll find that Bud Miller All Seasons Park will provide all that is needed for a wonderful day. Outdoor area activities will include picnics, barbecues, hiking, jogging, taking a stroll with your favorite pet, and simply enjoying the beautiful outdoors by a wonderful large lake. If you prefer something convenient but not as large, you'll be able to take advantage of Jaycee Park Lake and have fun walking around the lake and enjoying all of the sites which will include bird watching, people watching, and other activities you can enjoy outdoors. For those that like water sports, just to the west of town you'll be able to take advantage of all that Devonia Lake has to offer. There are a number of water sporting activities you'll be able to take part in and enjoy yourself and allowing your family to enjoy themselves as well.

* Points of Interest

Some very interesting points of interest in the area will be the Husky Oil Refinery. Now, it's important to understand that this particular town is split right down the middle with Meridian Ave being the divider. This particular company has two large locations. One of the locations is on the Alberta side, while the other is on the Saskatchewan side. If you are standing on the Yellowhead Highway or 16, you can actually see both locations. This is simply a point of interest that you may note as you arrive in this beautiful area.

With that being said, you'll find that this particular area will provide you with all that is needed when it comes to your relocation needs. Whether you're looking for real estate opportunities, recreational activities, or some simple points of interest, you'll find all of this and much more in Lloydminster, AB. So, with this information, you'll be able to make a better decision when it comes to the type of area in which you would like to live, and whether you want one half in Alberta and the other half in Saskatchewan.

Construction and Expansion

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Everyone is trying to get moved in prior to the first sign of winter... Snow arrived 30 miles to the west of our city this week so we are chheering for our farming friends to get the crop into the bins.. With any luck, mother nature will grant us a beautiful and bountiful fall!! Read More...
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In less than 20 years we could double in population!    Here is a graph below with projected growth stats for Lloydminster. It's pretty cool because as long as we have population growth, low unemployment rates, strong agriculture and energy driving our economy then we all stand to make more money because our property values will continue to increase.   Clients always ask me, will ... Read More...
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Community Events

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Family & Kids

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We have had such a beautiful summer that it is hard to accept that fall is here. Most of the crops are in the bin and and all reports are that it was an averge crop that we all are thankful for. Our city and surrounding district is still buzzing with activity. We are looking forward to a strong fall season for both listings and sales. It is a special time of year to be thankful for the love and ... Read More...
Posted by C. Keith Weinbender on 2012-10-02

Market Reports and Conditions

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Are you wondering what your home is worth in the vibrant Lloydminster market? Find out for FREE plus earn 100 Air Miles!  For a limited time, Century 21 Lloydminster is offering you 100 Air Miles - all you need to do is invite me over for a Comparitive Market Evaluation.  I will let you know what's happening in the Lloyd market, in your neighbourhood, and even on your street.  I ... Read More...
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