April......The smell of a new Home


If it's a house you are looking for, whats holding you back? Interests continue to be at an all-time low, with rumors of the big banks rate hikes in the near future, Can you really afford to wait?

Numbers as of this past Sunday continue to show improvement over last years numbers; total sales 318 in Red Deer, 2011 were at 286 (same time frame) To date, average sale price of these 318 sales? 297,000.00. 2011 was 279,000.00 (same time frame)

BAsically what the numbers are saying is NO, you can't afford to wait any longer to buy. Infact, on average had you put off buying last year to this year, it woyuld have cost you roughly 18,000.00 more. Who knows what we'll be saying in 2013? I don't know. I do know that most families can't save 18,000.00 more in one year to buy that same house last year. So whats holding you back?