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Hedley is an unincorporated town in southern British Columbia, Canada. The town is located at the foot of Nickel Plate Mountain in the Similkameen. The town had a population of approximately 400 as of 2005. The Hedley Museum and the Mascot Mine Museum display artifacts and photographs from this era.

People have lived in the Similkameen Valley for 7000 ye

ars. First Nations people mined and trade ochre and chert. The townsite was built in the middle of Indian land.

At it's peak in the early 1900's, Hedley and the town on the mountain had about 1000 residents, five hotels, and all the amenities needed in a frontier mining town. Over the years floods, rock falls and fires have consumed part of the town, but much remains to be explored.

Approximately 77,760 kilograms / 86 tons of gold were produced from Hedleys mines between 1904 and 1996. Using the price of gold from Jan 2010 of $1090 USD per ounce, the present day value would be about $2,725,000,000.