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Okanagan Falls is a small community located at the South end of Skaha Lake, just 15 minutes South of Penticton, BC and 15 minutes North of Oliver, BC. Located in the South end of the Okanagan Valley, Okanagan Falls has a wonderful climate that people from everywhere come to enjoy. The winter's are very mild with an average temperature of 0C with very little snow and the summer boasts a nice dry heat with an average temperature of 29C...an area to come visit at any time of year!

One of the most asked questions is "where are the falls?". Okanagan Falls was blessed with beautiful Twin Falls, that fell from where Skaha Lake empties into the river, however, in the 1950's a series of dams to control flooding were built, reducing the falls into a series of rapids.

Okanagan Fall may no longer have a large falls but they do have a beautiful beach front off of Skaha Lake. It's a perfect lake for summer activities such as boating, sun tanning, swimming, paddleboarding, wake boarding, water skiing, scuba diving, kite surfing or even jumping off the old train bridge! If you're a nature enthusiast, there is many great camping and hiking spots as well as the coveted Skaha Bluffs...a very popular rock climbing destination in B.C. However, if nature isn't your preference, take a wine tour through our award winning wineries and sample their varietals and food or visit our many orchards, markets and farms for some fresh and delicious fruit! 

There is also many golf courses, and shopping in the nearby towns, just 15 minutes away. During the winter months, there is still plenty of things to do such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, frisbee golf and more at the local ski hills. 


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