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For those planning to relocate to the amazing area of British Columbia, you may want to take a moment and find out more about the beautiful location of Prince George, BC. Founded in 1807 and harboring a population of 71,000, you'll find that this is a location that has a booming economy, real estate investment opportunities and options of all sorts, and an educational system that will provide everything needed when it comes to grade school or higher education. Here you will discover a bit more about this lovely area, and how this may make an excellent choice if you are planning to relocate or invest in British Columbia.

* Economy

Although the area of Prince George, BC has been known in the past for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, the Great War of 1914, and Prince George Pulp and Paper, the economy in this lovely area is primarily based around the service industries. In fact, the Northern Health Authority, which is also centered in the lovely area of Prince George, has invested a great deal in the infrastructure of this wonderful area today, and plans to do even more in the future. You'll find that the economy in this area is also driven by the College of New Caledonia and the University of Northern British Columbia. With the $450 million annual budget that the Northern Health Authority commands and the $780 million that comes from the educational system, you'll find that the economy in Prince George is very well situated.

* Real Estate

When any area has a booming economy, real estate opportunities are sure to follow, and you'll discover that this truth will be very evident in the lovely area of Prince George, BC. You'll find that there are lovely homes for sale in this beautiful area. Whether you are looking for two, three, four or five bedroom homes, you'll find all that you require in Prince George. What makes this area even more attractive is the fact that many of these homes are extremely affordable. You will have a variety of affordable prices to choose from and whether you plan to live in areas such as Vantage Point, Westwood Dr, or Haldi Lake Rd, you'll find something for relocation or your investment needs.

* College & Universities

As stated before, the educational system in this area is big business. With that being said, you will not have to worry about higher education when it comes to Prince George, BC. Although the College of New Caledonia and the University of Northern British Columbia are some of the most notable educational institutions in the area, but there are other opportunities that will be available to you as well. So, if you have higher education on the menu, you will have a vast number of selections in which to choose.

Simply stated, Prince George, BC will really have a lot to offer when it comes to relocation or real estate investments. If you plan to move to this lovely area, you will have a vast number of options and opportunities available to you. Whether you are moving to this location for the economy, your real estate needs, or for higher education purposes, you'll find all that you need and much, much more in the beautiful area of Prince George.

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