Allison Lake Real Estate Listings and Information

Allison Lake

Follow the quiet Highway 5a North toward Merritt and you'll notice a valley dotted with small fishing lakes. You will find ranches and small parcels all along the valley. Allison Lake is located 28 kms North of Princeton right along the highway. The small recreation community is nestled in a narrow valley next to Allison Lake Provincial Park, which is 23 ha. in size. It was established in July 26, 1960 and offers a rest stop and campsite at the South end of the lake. The area offers camping, swimming, fishing, boating and hiking.

Allison Lake allows recreational boating and is a popular play area comprised of two residential nieghbourhoods with separate public boat launches. The North end features newer, larger homes. A second nieghbourhood sits on the East side of the lake and is serviced by a community water system.