Tips for Selling your Home in the Winter Months

Are you selling or thinking of selling your home this winter? The turn of the season, with its wet and cold weather, can present a different set of challenges for sellers. Keep the following tips in mind to make sure your home stands out this winter.

1.   Do your yard work. Clean up all the leaves on the ground (especially here in the Lower Mainland where soggy piles of leaves make an unappealing mess). Trim unsightly bushes and rake up debris, remembering to remove all dead or dying perennial foliage to keep your gardens neat and tidy.

2.   Shovel that snow. On snowy days, ensure your walk ways and the sidewalks in front of your home are clear of ice and snow to allow buyers easy access to your home.

3.   Turn on the lights. The dark comes early in winter months – make sure your home is well lit inside and out, and not just at night. Keep in mind that rain clouds and early sunsets can make for some deep shadows before you might expect it. Have light in each room to save buyers from having to search for the light switches, and consider using timers if you won’t be home before or after the showing, to save on energy costs.

4.   Take care of that wet gear. Ensure your own outerwear and umbrellas are put away, leaving a dry and tidy entrance for showings. Also, leave an area at the door for buyers to leave their wet items when they come in. They’ll appreciate a spot to put their own boots and umbrellas before viewing your home.

5.   Keep up with the maintenance. It is especially important in winter to make sure your home is well-maintained – you do not want your gutters overflowing from the rain just as buyers are coming up the front walk. Clean the windows and make sure the lights and furnace/heaters are all working. 

6.   Ensure your entry way is welcoming. You can add touches of greenery like evergreen boughs or holly, or even holiday ornaments if you are so inclined. If you are putting up holiday lights, consider hiring a professional to ensure it looks the best it can be.

The winter can be a wonderful time to show off your home’s charm. If you have any questions regarding the selling of your home, in this season or any other, I’d be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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