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Terra Nova

Looking for a unique place to live?  Love nature, plane watching and easy access to the rest of the Lower Mainland?  Terra Nova is one of Richmond's newer planned communities and also one of its oldest.  It is located in the northwest corner of Lulu Island, stretching north of Granville Avenue and west of No. 1 Road with water on its two other sides.

On the dyke in Terra Nova

The historical significance of Terra Nova lies in its connection with the development of a very early settlement in Richmond, according to the City of Richmond's website: "Used by the Musqueam, then claimed by migrants from the Maritimes, this rural landscape was among the earlier Crown Grant subdivisions, and has an agricultural and fishing history, both of which are refected in its heritage features.  Terra Nova affords a rare opportunity to experience the landscape, buildings, and development patterns of an early Richmond settlement." The first settlers arrived around 1868.

In 1986, Richmond's city council removed Terra Nova from the Agricultural Land Reserve and opened the way for new development.  Today the "new" Terra Nova offers two and three-level townhouses and houses.  It is one of the most expensive places to live in Richmond.

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