Chinese-Vancouver Real Estate Investment Bubble Over.

The Chinese Investment Bubble to Vancouver real estate is over.  The Chinese Real Estate Market is flooded, and in trouble, and it's being reflected in the local Vancouver Real Estate Market.  If you still have people telling you someone's going to come buy your property from China, guess what?--they're right!  They're right, someone might fly in and buy your property from China, and they might fly in from Toronto, Spain, Mozambique, or Bella Coola.  A Buyer could come from anywhere in this current market, but to bank on some random overseas Asian purchaser is not realistic, a few years ago possibly, today it's just a lure to put hopes in the minds of the Sellers.  And, guess what, people are still buying it.  Like the 2010 Olympics, the so-called Chinese Market Boom in Vancouver is gone, and if anyone tells you different they probably have their own personal agenda why they're saying that.  The news and market reports don't show it.

The real estate market in Vancouver is becoming a more localized, so-called normalized market, where people go about their everyday lives, and buy and sell like usual.  You don't need multi-lingual signs--even though "there's nothing wrong with that" (see Seinfeld, episode #217), and you don't need special numbers in your asking price full of numerous 8s, and you don't need your doors facing the right way.  Hey, don't get my wrong, anything helps, but what sells properties today is the good, old-fashioned adage: price, location and presentation.  Have a nice, clean property that is well-priced.  Let me see, yes, well like trying to sell anything from hamburgers to running shoes.  Price it well, present it well, and make it something people want; and, don't wait for the elusive Buyer from overseas to come in and pay more for your house with a wink, a nod, and an airline ticket back to China.

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