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Union Bay, BC

Have you ever considered living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia? If you have, you will probably want to consider a lovely area by the name of Union Bay, BC. Originally named "Union wharf" back in the late 1800s, this is a community that was mainly established by thriving coal mines in the area. Today, this area is mainly known for its small community, the excellent real estate opportunities available in the area, and the easy access it provides to some of the larger outer-lying communities. Here we'll try and uncover some additional information about Union Bay, and why this particular area would make an excellent relocation choice.

* Community

Union Bay, BC is a small community that has a population of roughly 1,200 people. Although small, this is a place that has a lot to offer. This is a location that was mainly established by the coal mines that were thriving in the area back in the late 19th century. However, today many of the people that used to populate this area have moved to the much larger cities such as Comox, Cumberland and Courtenay. This has allowed Union Bay to grow as a smaller community, and quite frankly - many of the people that live here today like the fact that the area is less populated but still provides them with everything needed when it comes to accommodations and amenities.

* Real Estate

You'll find that the real estate opportunities in this area are abundant. If you are looking for a single-family residence, condominium, or a multifamily home, you'll find that these opportunities are available for you in the wonderful area of Union Bay, BC. In addition, if you are looking for waterfront property that will give you an excellent view of the Strait of Georgia, there are a variety of different options available for you in this area as well. If you have more of an investment in mind, there are investment opportunities in the area that can be taken advantage of.

* Parks & Recreation

If you like to partake in a little outdoor activity, you'll find that Vancouver Island will be able to provide you with all that is needed. To the west of Union Bay you'll discover that Comox Lake is only a short distance away and will provide all that is needed when it comes to water sports, fishing, hiking, and camping. If you travel a little further, you'll be able to visit the rather large, Strathcona Provincial Park. This is an area that covers almost a third of the entire island. If you would like to learn more about conservation, perform nature studies, or simply learn more about having fun in the great outdoors, this is an area that will provide you with many opportunities.

So, if you've ever considered relocating to Vancouver Island, you'll find that Union Bay, BC will provide you with all that is needed when it comes to community, real estate opportunities, and outdoor activities in the form of Parks and Recreation. Relocating has never been an easy process; however, when you discover wonderful locations such as Union Bay, this can make the transition a whole lot easier.

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