I sell real estate, I take people out to look at exquisite (some not so exquisite) condos in one of the nicest cities in the world. Its pretty much my favorite thing to do.

I didn't want to start the year off blogging about something boring, hopefully I never do, lets be honest. So I thought I would share a story that happened some time ago.

My client and I were standing in a property that she had almost purchased (we were there for the inspection) The inspector had left and we were chatting about the pro's and con's of the inspection. I was walking around and shutting windows/blinds etc....just being the responsible agent that I am.

Anyone bored yet?....

I walked into a Glass Wall...BANG....thats actually how it sounded, it felt much worse! My client turned around to see me staggering, I had to lean on the wall to ensure I didn't fall and proceed to do more damage to myself.

I know you are concerned, but the wall was OK! I was as well, minus the very apparent and extremely sensitive mark on my forehead. I obviously said I was fine.  (I was not)

Later that day my doctor concurred that I had sustained a mild concussion. I realized that PERHAPS I should:

A: Get glasses.

B: Possibly have someone follow me around with a video camera.

C: Suggest to clients that glass walls inside only make sense if its a fish tank.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE exterior glass walls, you would hope anyways living in the city that obviously LOVES its glass towers. Just not a huge fan of the ones inside. I realize some are well placed, but in general it just seems that its kind of a waste, but that is JUST my personal opinion. Definitely not biased by previous experiences at all.

BUT seriously Vancouver needs to get a bit more creative when it comes to building towers. It makes me wonder why these almost seemingly identical towers keep going up. I wonder if glass is an inexpensive building material?

We need a balance! Glass IS actually quite inexpensive as a building material which is why builders use it, but it is NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT at all. It transfers hot and cold more than many materials, which means it requires more money to heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer. Anyone that lives in a South or West facing unit knows exactly what I mean!

As we become more environmentally aware the building codes will/and are changing to reflect a more sustainable Vancouver.

I am not saying do away with Glass buildings/Architecture at all! Lets just see a bit more variety. After all, this is Vancouver!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!


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