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Woss, BC

Woss started out as a logging camp and is now a scenic village in the heart of the Nimpkish Valley. The forest industry is tied to the economy of Woss, and Woss was once the terminus for Canada's largest private railroad.

Those who live in Woss or have recreation homes in Woss love to explore Pinder Peak and Rugged Mounatin, Schoen Lake Provincial Park, the caves in Little Huson Regional park, windsurfing on Nimpkish Lake and kayaking, canoing and fishing in other local lakes such as Woss, Kluklakama and Anutz.  Woss is also the closest community to Mount Cain ski area, boasting sixteen slopes from "bunny hills" to expert, T-Bar lifts and a lodge/restaurant.  Many skiers prefer the family atmosphere of Mount Cain to Mount Washington. 


Construction and Expansion

Blog Posts About: Construction and Expansion
Here's a great videoarticle about Campbell River.  Our City has been bustling with activity all summer long, with several construction projects on the go.  http://globalnews.ca/news/859662/watch-campbell-river-rebounding-back/ Read More...
Posted by Janet Scotland on 2013-09-24

Community Events

Blog Posts About: Community Events
Below is an article I put together for a presentation last evening in Campbell River with Savannah "Rich Mom" Ross, organized by our sales representative George Roach.  I borrowed very heavily from the website acknowledged at the bottom of the article, added a bit of Canadian content and edited a few things, but otherwise, major thanks to nolo.com for the article.  What Does a Property ... Read More...
Posted by Janet Scotland on 2013-09-07

Market Reports and Conditions

Blog Posts About: Market Reports and Conditions
The BC Real Estate Association Economists have just come out with their 2014 and 2015 real estate sales forecasts for British Columbia. In 2013, for Vancouver Island, average sale prices dropped but just 0.3% whereas unit sales were up 9.1%.  For 2014, the BCREA Economists are predicting a 1.5% increase in unit sales and a 1.3% increase in average selling prices, and for 2015 a further 2.2% ... Read More...
Posted by Janet Scotland on 2014-01-30
You've likely heard the Mark Twain quote: "There are three kinds of lies - lies, damned lies, and statistics!" At this time of year, we hear a lot of statistics, and here's my take on those for Gold River and our office. It's no secret that property sales were down throughout Vancouver Island in 2012. According to statistics released by the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board, the number of sales ... Read More...
Posted by Janet Scotland on 2013-01-29

Schools & Universities

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North Island residents can now borrow books from North Island College!  http://www.courierislander.com/news/nic-opens-libraries-to-public-1.132135 Read More...
Posted by Janet Scotland on 2013-08-04

Sports & Activities

Blog Posts About: Sports & Activities
Here's an article from RIS Media regarding the rise in US recreational property purchases.  As the article points out, this doesn't just mean Americans purchasing American properties, but also coming to Canada.  http://rismedia.com/2013-04-16/the-vacation-home-makes-a-comeback/ Now, if we can get them to rediscover our North Island communities, maybe that mythical 'rich American' I keep ... Read More...
Posted by Janet Scotland on 2013-04-17
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