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The Community of Douglas is situated in the RM of Elton. 

Douglas is situated ten mile east of Brandon Manitoba on the main line CPR, at the junction of Highway #1 and Provincial Road 340. Douglas was named after Sir John Douglas-Campbell, Governor General of Canada from 1878-1883, and it came into being with the coming of the railroad in 1881-1882. Douglas is located on an island on the north edge of the Douglas marsh, which is known world wide by bird lovers for the Yellow Rail. It is in the southeast corner of the Rural Municipality of Elton.


After the railroad arrived at Douglas, it became the activity center for supplies and services for the area. In the early days, there were two passenger trains and a local east and west each day. The community also boasted grain elevators, a doctor office, post office, two general stores, barber and butcher shop, blacksmith, a low and high school, two churches, livery stable, machinery dealer, coal and wood, milk delivery, and later, a service station and garage. Recreation facilities included a skating and curling rink with natural ice, and a town hall with food, dance and concert facilities. The First World War saw many residents join the military. A cenotaph was erected to list and honor the dead and still stands at the community hall today. 

During the First and Second World Wars, the land around the village was more intensively cultivated, and the area grew the normal crops of wheat, oats and barley. The Second World War saw the railway through Douglas become the focal point for receiving and dispatching goods and personal for the military base at Camp Shilo. After the war ended, rail traffic declined with no passenger service as of today.

Facilities - Recreation, Parks, Culture
In 1999, Douglas area residents support a full service Post Office, convenience store, village hall with lots of events, United Church with regular services, elementary school and rink with curling and skating. There are about 50 homes in Douglas today. The community benefits from a residential area to its south, which brings school children and store and post office patronage. The population is diverse with retirees, nurses, Century 21 Realtor, teachers, truck drivers, farm workers and commuters who work in nearby Brandon, CFB Shilo, Carberry and local rural farms. Douglas is policed by the RCMP, with emergency services provided by CFB Shilo. The population holds steady, with a large number of multi generational farm families and local residents. It is a grand place to live and raise children, and boasts good, hard working and very caring people.

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