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The Town of Hamiota is situated along Provincial Highway 21, and is just north of the junction of Provincial Highway 21 and Provincial Highway 24. The town in located in the western Manitoba, and is 84 kilometres northwest of Manitoba's second largest city, Brandon.


Incorporated as a town in 1907, Hamiota boasts a rich historical heritage. 

The first settlers arrived in Hamiota in the late 1870's. In 1889, the Great North West Central Railway extended its tracks north of Rapid City, and the town of Hamiota was surveyed. 

By 1891, Hamiota was open to feverish settlement by immigrants. During settlement, the town dramatically increased from a small village of 10 to over 200 people in one year. Hamiota received its name from Thomas Hamilton, one of original settlers in the area, and from the word "iota", a native word meaning "plenty".

Economic Base

Health care and education are two of Hamiota's largest employers. The Hamiota District Health Centre is the town's largest employer, employing approximately 135 of residents. The Birdtail River School Division is the town's second biggest employer. 

Agricultural businesses also have a strong presence in the town's workforce. Hamiota remains an integral service centre to the local agricultural community. The Cargill, Agricore and Redfern Farm companies employ many of the town residents, and have recently expanded or are currently expanding in size. Hamiota also boasts Wilkract Cabinets, a local cabinet manufacturer that is also expanding. 

The town offers a wide range of businesses and professional trade services to its residents and visitors.

Major Attractions

Hamiota is known as the "Baseball Capitol of Manitoba", and plays host to many regional, provincial and national baseball tournaments. 

Hamiota's Municipal Park is the place where many fun activities and events for the community happen. The large municipal park houses Hamiota's municipal campground, a 9-hole golf course (with a large lounge and outdoor patio), agricultural grounds, the Hamiota Aquatic Centre, and the Hamiota Sports Complex. The aquatic centre features a modern outdoor pool with summer instruction in swimming. The park also features lawn bowling greens, a soccer field and several baseball diamonds.



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