Neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Airport No Listing Data Available

Assiniboine Park
Assiniboine Park No Listing Data Available

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Birds Hill
Birds Hill Avg. List Price: $490,725

Birds Hill is a popular community located a few kilometers north east of Winnipeg in the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul just off Lagimodiere Blvd. ...

Bridgwater Forest
Bridgwater Forest Avg. List Price: $562,016

Bridgwater Forest, Winnipeg's newest and most popular neighbourhood located in Waverley West, is the life most homeowners have always wanted. With over ...

Bright Oaks
Bright Oaks Avg. List Price: $321,150

Bright Oaks is in the greater community of St. Vital. It is bounded on the north by bishop grandin, on the east by St Mary's, on the south by Woodlawn ...

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Canterbury Park
Canterbury Park Avg. List Price: $231,905

Canterbury Park is just minutes from the perimeter, and surrounding lakes and parklands. This growing community is easily accessible off Dugald Road and ...

Charleswood Avg. List Price: $318,988

Charleswood is a residential community located in the southwestern part of the city, and is bordered by the Assiniboine River to the north, the Rural Municipality ...

Crescentwood Avg. List Price: $273,136

Crescentwood is located in the south-central part of the city. The neighbourhood  is bounded on the north by the Assiniboine River, on the east ...

Crestview Avg. List Price: $209,453

This community is west of Sturgeon Road and north of the Assiniboine River. Crestview lies north of Portage Avenue, with the meandering Sturgeon Creek ...

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Deer Lodge
Deer Lodge Avg. List Price: $214,917

Deer Lodge is a neighbourhood within the greater area of St .James. It is located south of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. ...

Downtown Winnipeg
Downtown Winnipeg Avg. List Price: $233,839

Downtown Winnipeg is home to diversity, with heritage buildings neighbouring exciting new developments, and unique shopping and dining districts accentuated ...

- E -
East Beaches
East Beaches Avg. List Price: $190,427

Canada's Southern Lake Winnipeg Beaches (Eastern Beaches) consist of Patricia Beach Provincial Park, Beaconia, Grand Marais and Grand Beach Provincial ...

East Kildonan
East Kildonan Avg. List Price: $203,045

East Kildonan is located on the east bank of the Red River, opposite West Kildonan. The community is bisected by Raleigh St and Gateway Rd, which ...

Elm Park
Elm Park Avg. List Price: $316,600

Elm Park is a neighbourhood in the city of Winnipeg and is located in the northern section of the community of St. Vital, and is bounded by the Red River ...

Elmwood Avg. List Price: $200,042

The oldest neighbourhood in this part of Winnipeg is Elmwood, with many of the homes in the Elmwood area and southern part of East Kildonan (around Larsen ...

- F -
Fort Garry
Fort Garry Avg. List Price: $306,039

The Fort Garry community, east of the industrial areas, is mature and includes a mix of single family homes, condominiums, and apartments. This community ...

Fort Richmond
Fort Richmond Avg. List Price: $275,963

Fort Richmond was established in the early 60’s and was developed till the mid 1980's. This community was to service the growing demand for housing ...

Fort Rouge
Fort Rouge Avg. List Price: $274,150

Fort Rouge is located in the south-central part of the city, it is bounded on the north by the Assiniboine River, on the east and south by the Red River. ...

- G -
Garden City
Garden City Avg. List Price: $246,900

Garden City is nestled in the northern part of Winnipeg and is bounded by Inkster in the south, McPhillips in the west, Leila to the North and the CP Rail ...

Garden Grove
Garden Grove Avg. List Price: $297,900

Garden Grove is located in the northern region of Winnipeg and is bounded on the north by Inkster Blvd, on the west by Brookside Blvd, on the south by ...

Grassie Avg. List Price: $356,987

Just North of Grassie, Kil-Cona Park is a park located in northeast Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The park is situated on 411 acres (1.66 km2) and includes ...

- H -
Harbourview South
Harbourview South Avg. List Price: $318,924

Harbourview South has a wide variety of lots including cul-de-sac lots, park and lake view lots, open back yard lots, and lake lots suitable for walkouts, ...

Headingley Avg. List Price: $755,211

Headingley is a rural municipality in Manitoba, Canada. It is located directly west of Winnipeg and the Trans-Canada Highway and the Assiniboine River ...

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Inkster Gardens
Inkster Gardens Avg. List Price: $276,222

Inkster Gardens is located in the northern region of Winnipeg and is nestled between Jefferson Ave to the North and Inkster Blvd to the south and is also ...

Island Lakes
Island Lakes Avg. List Price: $329,502

Island Lakes is located in south east Winnipeg, at the corner of Bishop Grandin and Lagimodiere. It provides easy access to major cross-town routes and ...

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Kildonan Meadows
Kildonan Meadows Avg. List Price: $355,403

Kildonan Meadows is a newer area in the greater community of Transcona. Kildonan Meadows makes up a neighbourhood of 800 single family homes. Please ...

- L -
Lakeside Meadows
Lakeside Meadows Avg. List Price: $258,650

Lakeside Meadows is a newer area in the greater community of  Transcona  There are approximately 1,000 homes in this neighbourhood. Please ...

Linden Woods
Linden Woods Avg. List Price: $471,294

Linden Woods is a residential community in the southwest corner of the city that was started in 1982 to service the growing demand for executive family ...

Lord Roberts
Lord Roberts Avg. List Price: $219,085

This vibrant community is just 10 minutes south of Downtown along Osborne Street. It is bordered along the east by Osborne Street, from a northerly mark ...

- M -
Maples Avg. List Price: $263,142

The Maples is located in the northwest part of Winnipeg and it is bounded east of McPhillips, north of Inkster and south of Leila and ...

Meadowood Avg. List Price: $208,009

Minnetonka (Riel)
Minnetonka (Riel) Avg. List Price: $315,807

Minnetonka (Riel) is situated south of Bishop Grandin Boulevard, west of St. Mary's Road. It is just blocks from Winnipeg's most popular retail ...

Mission Gardens
Mission Gardens Avg. List Price: $258,482

Mission Gardens is a newer area in the greater community of Transcona. Mission Gardens makes up a neighbourhood of 1,100 single family homes. Please ...

- N -
Normand Park
Normand Park Avg. List Price: $630,638

Normand Park is in the greater community of St Vital and is located on the north, south and west by the Red River and on the east by St Mary's Rd. Normand ...

North End
North End Avg. List Price: $145,190

North End is just north of downtown and the CPR railway yards, and south of Inkster Boulevard, and is bound on the west by the busy Keewatin ...

North Kildonan
North Kildonan Avg. List Price: $284,082

North Kildonan became incorporated as the R.M. of North Kildonan on January 1, 1925. North Kildonan was a farming community and in 1928, the first Mennonites ...

Norwood Flats
Norwood Flats Avg. List Price: $240,761

Norwood Flats is in the greater community of St. Boniface. It is bounded on the north, west and south by the Red River and on the east by St. Mary's Rd. ...

- O -
Osborne Village
Osborne Village Avg. List Price: $298,552

Located between the Assiniboine River on the North and Confusion Corner to the south, Osborne Village is at the centre of it all. It is close to downtown, ...

- P -
Pritchard Farm
Pritchard Farm Avg. List Price: $561,029

Pritchard Farm is located just north of the perimeter, off Henderson Highway, this idyllic community offers the opportunity to leave behind the bustle ...

Pulberry Avg. List Price: $386,100

Conveniently situated in St.Vital just north of Bishop Grandin, between the beautiful St.Vital Park and Dunkirk Drive and St. Mary's Road. This area is ...

- R -
Richmond West
Richmond West Avg. List Price: $277,871

Richmond West is located on the west side of Pembina highway and it offers easy access to the Perimeter Highway, Pembina Highway , Waverley Street ...

River Heights
River Heights Avg. List Price: $335,644

This community is nestled between Cambridge Street in the east, Edgeland St adjacent to Tuxedo in the west, the Canadian National Railways main line the ...

River Park South
River Park South Avg. List Price: $313,627

River Park South is conveniently located in St. Vital, just south of the St. Vital Centre- a major mall with over 100 shops and cinemas. You are also in ...

River Pointe
River Pointe Avg. List Price: $429,900

River Pointe is located south of Bishop Grandin Boulevard and west of the historic River Road, River Pointe is convenient to the city centre yet removed ...

Riverbend Avg. List Price: $288,830

Riverbend is located fiftteen minutes north of Downtown near the perimeter, with easy access to the northeast cottage countries such as Grand ...

Rivergrove (River Ridge)
Rivergrove (River Ridge) Avg. List Price: $479,900

Rivergrove has become a highly desirable neighbourhood which is located north of the new River Ridge development. The focus of the community is a passive ...

Riverview Avg. List Price: $265,886

Long considered Winnipeg's "Village" Riverview is nestled on a peninsula along the Red River. Over 2 km's of riverside trails, paths and acres of ...

Royalwood Avg. List Price: $437,155

Nestled on the bank of Siene River this upscale community is located just off Bishop Grandin Boulevard. Built in the 1990s, Royalwood features beautiful ...

- S -
Sage Creek
Sage Creek Avg. List Price: $411,663

Located in southeast Winnipeg, on Lagimodiere just south of Bishop Grandin, Sage Creek is in the process of becoming a vibrant, new community of the future. ...

Silver Heights
Silver Heights Avg. List Price: $260,176

Silver Heights is nestled between Sturgeon on the west and Conway St on the east. It is also bounded by the Assiniboine River on the south and the Winnipeg ...

Southdale Avg. List Price: $308,275

Between Fermor and Bishop Grandin and east of St Anne’s Rd lies the community of Southdale. This community was built in the 1960s and was Winnipeg’s first ...

Southland Park
Southland Park Avg. List Price: $339,900

Southland park is located in the South Eastern portion of Winnipeg. This neighbourhood is bounded on the north by Fermor Ave, on the east by Plessis ...

Springfield North
Springfield North Avg. List Price: $317,967

Springfield South
Springfield South Avg. List Price: $271,960

St. Boniface
St. Boniface Avg. List Price: $252,235

St. Boniface is the French-speaking heart of Winnipeg, and is the largest French-speaking community west of Thunder Bay.  It features such landmarks ...

St. George
St. George Avg. List Price: $206,060

St. Georges is a small community in Manitoba, on the Winnipeg River. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Alexander.,_Manitoba ...

St. James
St. James Avg. List Price: $224,119

St James is nestled between the Airport and the Assiniboine River, and between Century St in the east and Sturgeon Rd in the West. St. James is a large ...

St. Norbert
St. Norbert Avg. List Price: $242,950

St. Norbert is a bilingual (French and English) neighbourhood and is the southern gateway into the city of Winnipeg. Located just south of the Perimeter ...

St. Vital
St. Vital Avg. List Price: $283,648

St Vital is Located in the south-central part of the city, it is bounded on the north by Carrière Avenue, on the south by the northern limit of the ...

Sturgeon Creek
Sturgeon Creek Avg. List Price: $186,200

- T -
The Oaks
The Oaks Avg. List Price: $896,964

Located along side the Assiniboine River in the west end of the city, this new development offers opportunities for you and your family to enjoy the river ...

Transcona Avg. List Price: $238,872

Transcona is built for and by the railroads around the turn of the century and is between the two transcontinental rail lines for the CPR and CN. ...

Tuxedo Avg. List Price: $503,283

Tuxedo is an affluent residential suburb and is located about seven kilometres southwest of downtown and lies between Kenaston and the Assiniboine ...

- V -
Valley Gardens
Valley Gardens Avg. List Price: $250,190

Valley Gardens is in the greater area of North Kildonan. It is bounded on the north by McLeod Ave, on the east by Lagidmodiere Blvd, on the south by Concordia Ave and ...

- W -
Waverley Heights
Waverley Heights Avg. List Price: $284,000

Northwest of the University of Manitoba is Waverly Heights, a community built around several small lakes and a community centre. Waverley Heights ...

Waverley West
Waverley West Avg. List Price: $500,063

Located in Winnipeg's desirable southwest quadrant, this 20 year project will provide more than 11,000 new homes, apartments and complexes. The provincially- ...

West End
West End Avg. List Price: $162,962

The West End is mostly a residential area just west of Downtown Winnipeg. It is bordered by Route 62 (Osborne, Isabel, Colony, and Balmoral Streets) on ...

West Kildonan
West Kildonan Avg. List Price: $208,551

West Kildonan is the area north of Inkster Blvd and west of the Red River. The area is liked for its large parks, including Kildonan Park along the River. ...

Westwood Avg. List Price: $260,776

Westwood is bounded on the south by the Assiboine River, on the west by the Perimeter Hwy, on the north by Portage Ave and on the east by the St. Charles ...

Whiteshell Provincial Park
Whiteshell Provincial Park Avg. List Price: $988,000

Whiteshell Provincial Park is a 2,729 km park centrally located in Canada in the province of Manitoba. It can be found in the southeast of the province ...

Whyte Ridge
Whyte Ridge Avg. List Price: $434,294

Whyte Ridge is a residential community that was started in 1986 to service the growing demand for affordable new homes in South Winnipeg . With the neighbouring ...

Wildwood Avg. List Price: $567,950

Wildwood is a suburban community in Winnipeg that has a central green space, with communal walkways, playgrounds and parks. Wildwood is encompassed in ...

Windsor Park
Windsor Park Avg. List Price: $216,694

Windsor Park lies north of Fermor Ave between Rue Archibald and Lagimodiere Blvd, between the St Boniface and Windsor Park golf courses and the sprawling ...

Wolseley Avg. List Price: $260,193

Wolseley, named after Field Marshal Sir Garnet Wolseley, a British Army officer who came to Manitoba in 1870 to suppress the Red River Rebellion, is bounded ...

Woodhaven Avg. List Price: $337,425

Woodhaven is bounded along the Assiniboine River to the south, Sturgeon Creek to the east, Portage Ave to the north and Harris Rd to the west. ...

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