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Woodlands, MB

Welcome to the RM of Woodlands

A Place to Put Down Roots

The Rural Municipality of Woodlands is a rural community composed of a population diverse in cultural heritage who share a common desire for the quality of life found in a rural agricultural setting. Residents enjoy the wide-open spaces, clean air, water and a safe, friendly atmosphere in which family life thrives.

The rural lifestyle is afforded in both a rural residential setting and in several small villages. Through a cooperative effort all residents are provided with the social and cultural opportunities of a progressive, modern community.

Building on the strength of its people and a prosperous agricultural background, its residents will develop a diversified economy to provide the opportunity for future generations to remain and prosper in their home community.

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Local Attractions

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Construction and Expansion

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Community Events

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Every transition is an opportunity, regardless of your stage in life. As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), I have both the education and the real estate experience to serve as your trusted adviser through the unique financial and lifestyle transition involved in relocating or selling your family home. Age & Opportunity is hosting their annual Seniors Housing & Lifestyles Expo on Tuesday ... Read More...
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Family & Kids

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Is it time to sell your home? Are you thinking of selling your home to move to a senior-supportive environment? Or perhaps to move in with an adult son or daughter who can help with your needs as you grow older? You may be considering leaving the family home with all that it represents—the place where children were raised; the safety and security of a family unit; the physical space where ... Read More...
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I have often wondered why when I walk into certain buildings be it homes, banks, restaurants etc I can be affected by just the energy of the space.  Some times it is positive and sometimes the opposite, sometimes I am drawn to continue the journey, sometimes I feel the need to walk back out.  I know many of my buyers have this same experience.  There is no real tangible explanation ... Read More...
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Market Reports and Conditions

Blog Posts About: Market Reports and Conditions
We've all been there, we walk into a home and they've painted the walls neon green, or there's shag carpet on the floors!  What is ok and what is not, to accept when your ready to write that offer and own a home? Here's 5 things that you can accept: 1. Paint color.  Paint is cheap and will make a huge difference.  It's amazing how big a transformation you can get from such a small ... Read More...
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That's a loaded question!  Spring seems to be taking it's time, to nobody's surprise!  More snow, and slightly warmer temperatures has helped quite a few buyers come out of hibernation.  The number of listings is increasing by double.  What does this mean?  The market is heating up!  Last year we had a slow start because the snow wouldn't leave.  We saw record ... Read More...
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Our office has been buzzing over the past couple of weeks leading up to our CENTURY21 Open House Weekend Blitz. We have been working with our Clients to ensure a great showing, decluttering and cleaning to show all the highlites of the home. Last week was all about getting the word out to the public and letting then know they had a great chance to win the Grand Prize of Carson Arthur, Landscape Architect ... Read More...
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