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Florenceville-Bristol (2011 population: 1,639) is a Canadian town situated in the Northwest part of New Brunswick in the St. John River Valley. The town is located on the banks of the Saint John River, in Carleton County in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

Bristol is also home to several churches of different denominations, H.J. Crabbe & Sons lumber mill, several summer camps, a series of beautiful wooded walking trails and two community parks.

Bristol has a small downtown made up of mostly locally owned businesses. There is a hardware store, a liquor store, an automotive supply store, a convenience store, a post office, and lawyers offices.

In 2008 much of Bristol was flooded along the Saint John River. The flood plain of north and south mouths of the Big Shiktehawk Stream was completely flooded, cover that section of Route 105. Also in the central part of Bristol Hwy 105 was flooded between Brennen's Home Hardware and Village Green Florists.

The Town of Florenceville-Bristol is New Brunswick's newest town, amalgamating July 1, 2008. The new town has 1,539 residents as of 2006 and consists of the two former villages of Florenceville and Bristol.[1]

Florenceville-Bristol is home to the corporate headquarters for McCain Foods, the largest producer of French fries in the world. McCain also operate the Florenceville Airport, with a single paved runway located amid agricultural fields on the west side of the river.

It also has a free public art gallery. The Andrew and Laura McCain Gallery is a non-profit, community-supported gallery that shows about nine exhibitions a year of everything from exhibitions on loan from the National Gallery of Canada to the work of local school children.

Florenceville-Bristol is also home to the New Brunswick Potato Museum (Potato World) and Shogomoc Historical Railway Site. The Shogomoc Historical Railway Site showcases a restored CPR train station and three CPR cars and is home to FRESH "fine dining". Hunter Brothers Farm Market and Corn Maze.

Florenceville-Bristol is also home to H.J. Crabbe & Sons Lumber Mill. This long-running family business specializes in its quality softwood lumber made mainly from Balsam Fir and White Spruce. The company has also recently built a new mill in the town to produce wood stove pellets in order to use more of what would be scrap material to help cut down on waste. The company is also one of the largest landowners in the province, next to Irving and Frasier.

The town celebrates many festivals throughout the year; Festival of Flavour, which takes place August and showcases a variety of wine related events, Canada Day-July, Snow Blast- February, Haunted Train October, Buttermilk Creek Fall Festival-September and more.

Throughout the summer season, July to September, the town is host to an outdoor summer market, every Thursday from 10-2 pm at the Riverside Park. The outdoor summer market features food, produce, craft, woodworking, flower, baked goods, local meat and jewelry vendors. Each week showcases a different musical performance from local entertainers.

The town is the site of the Florenceville Bridge, a covered bridge built in 1907 that is unique in New Brunswick in combining a wooden covered bridge with steel trusses for the central spans over the Saint John River.

Located just outside of the town limits is a replica Noah's Ark, a 2/3-scale model of the Biblical Ark that Noah built, as described in the Christian Old Testament. The replica ark contains the offices and student dorms for a private Bible school, The School of The Spirit, run by the Burnham Road Ministries. The sight of a 300-foot boat in the middle of potato fields within sight of Bristol and Oakland Mountain often attracts curious visitors.



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