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Meductic is a small village located along the Saint John River in southern New Brunswick, approximately 33 kilometers southeast of Woodstock. Meductic's mayor is Lance Royden Graham.[1]



During the Expulsion of the Acadians, the village was burned in the St. John River Campaign (1758).


In the 2011 Census, Statistics Canada originally reported that the Village of Meductic had a population of 270 living in 107 of its 125 total dwellings, a 74.2% change from its 2006 population of 155.[2] Statistics Canada subsequently amended the 2011 census results to a population of 228 living in 89 of its 96 total dwellings, a 47.1% change from 2006.[3] With a land area of 5.57 km2 (2.15 sq mi), it had a population density of 40.93/km2 (106.0/sq mi) in 2011.[2][3]


Today Meductic is home to a few quaint businesses including a bed and breakfast and gas station. A long time restaurant closed its doors in 2004 after the opening of the new 4-lane Trans-Canada Highway, which caused a dramatic drop in traffic on what is now Route 165.

Sabian Cymbals Limited, a Meductic business, is well known on the international music scene as a supplier of finely crafted cymbals. Sabian is a major employer in the area, creating jobs for locals.

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