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Nackawic (2011 population: 1,049) is a town located 65 km west of the city of Fredericton on the east bank of the Saint John River in New Brunswick, Canada. The town occupies an area of about 9 km² and is surrounded by the parishes of Southampton and Queensbury with the Village of Millville 10 km to the north. Nackawic is centered around the intersection of Route 105 and Route 605. Latitude and Longitude: 46.00°N, 67.24°W. Postal code: E6G



The area was first settled in 1784 by the United Empire Loyalists, primarily through land grants to the families of soldiers who had fought with His Majesty's Regiment of Queen's Rangers during the American Revolutionary War.

Previously known as Otis, the development of New Brunswick's newest village, as it exists today, began in the late 1960s and was built so those forced to relocate as the result of the Mactaquac Dam being constructed would have a place to reside. Construction of the pulp mill, built to employ these displaced persons who lost their traditional farming opportunities that came with the Dam, occurred between 1967 and 1970.

Nackawic was officially incorporated as a town in 1976.

Nackawic is home to the World's Largest Axe.





Population (town only) -- !1044 (2013
Land Mass -- 8.45 km²
Population density -- 123.3 people/km²
Pop surrounding area App. 7000
Language usage -- 90% English
Ratio male/female -- 50/50
% of population under 19 -- 27%
% pop 20-54 -- 48%
% pop 54-65 -- 15%
% pop +65 -- 10%
Total Private Dwellings -- 426
Average family income -- $65,982.00

Economic development

Local business people, community leaders and other economic development groups form the Nackawic Region Economic Development Team designed to encourage and assist business development in the Nackawic and Mactaquac Headpond area. Nackawic also has membership in the South West Development Corporation.[4]


Current Council
  • Mayor Nancy A. Cronkhite
  • Coun. Gail M. Farnsworth
  • Coun. Jennifer L. Lamey
  • Coun. Doug J. Mercer
  • Coun. Brian E. Toole
  • Coun. Karen Howell was elected in the October 2012 by-election.[5]




The town has four schools:

Home of the World's Largest Axe. This small town community has more services per capita than larger communities, for example the arena, baseball diamond,  the waterfront, bowling alley, curling club, golf course, snow mobile, cross country trails, schools, shopping, CIBC and Scotia Bank along with 2 pharmacies. We have a RCMP detachment, ambulance services and so much more. 30 minutes to either Fredericton or Woodstock and 40 minutes to the US border. Great town to settle down with your family.


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