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Situated on the west side of the Saint John River, you will find a small yet elegant community of Somerville, NB. This is a location that is adjacent to Hartland, New Brunswick that is located on the east side of the river. This is an area that consists of roughly 300 to 400 residents and will be a primary choice for those looking for a quiet neighborhood to relocate to off of Highway 130. This particular location is primarily farmland; however, you'll discover that there is much more to this area than meets the eye. Here we will try to uncover some important facts about Somerville, and why this particular area may be a perfect choice for those looking for a quiet yet elegant neighborhood.

* Parks & Recreation

One of the most important reasons people moved to areas like Somerville will be because they are spread out and there are a lot of different parks and recreational opportunities to take advantage of. You'll discover that Somerville will provide you with one of the largest golf courses that can be found in the entire area. In addition, there is camping, fishing, hiking, and jogging in and around the entire area. If you like water sports, you'll be happy to know that Lakeville is only a few minutes to the west. This is an area that is home to Williamstown Lake which will provide all that is needed for those that love water sports.

* Real Estate

When it comes to real estate opportunities in this area, you'll find that there are properties available for those that are planning to move away from some of the larger populated areas such as Florenceville-Bristol up north, or Woodstock which lies to the south. If you are simply looking for real estate opportunities in quiet yet elegant neighborhoods, you'll find all this and much more in Somerville, NB. This area is primarily farmland; however, there are properties with acreage, single-family and multifamily homes available in this area. If you're looking for riverfront property, you will find this as well on both sides of the river.

* Interesting Sites

If you're planning to relocate to this area, you will more than likely be interested in some of the interesting sites to be seen in and around Somerville. To be more specific, you'll find that the Becaguimec Islands are located directly in the middle of the Saint Johns River. These are islands that are large enough to be inhibited; however, there are no residents to be found on either island. In addition, you'll have the chance to view one of the largest golf courses in all of New Brunswick. The Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club will provide you with 18 holes of regulation style golf whenever you see fit.

So, if you've been thinking about making a move in the near or distant future, you will surely want to consider Somerville, NB as a prime location choice. You'll find that this is a very quiet yet elegant community that will provide all that is needed when it comes to your accommodations in the form of real estate, properties with acreage, or simply a lovely place in which to grow and entire family.

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