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St. John's, NL

Newfoundland is considered to be one of the most attractive and historic islands that make up the eastern border of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. St. John's, NL is located on the farthest eastern edge of the island and is not only the largest city in all of Newfoundland, but it is also the capital of this beautiful island. If you've ever wanted the opportunity to live on an island in the Atlantic, you'll surely want to spend a few moments considering St. John's. Here you will discover a bit more about this wonderful location as well as the real estate opportunities that will be available for you to take advantage of.

* Community

You'll discover that St. John's, NL is not only located on one of the most historic islands just north of Nova Scotia, but you will also discover that this area has a vast beauty unlike anything a person has ever experienced. This is also evident when it comes to the people that live in this beautiful area. They understand this beauty and they understand why many people are drawn to this particular area. Because this is an island, this is a location that is completely community minded. There is only one major highway that runs through the entire island which interconnects all the different locations. So, if a person were to start out at Channel-Port Aux Basques, and traveled all the way east to the furthest point, they would end up in St. John's.

* Real Estate

You'll discover that whether you plan to live in the city limits of St. John's, NL or around the area and locations such as Mt Pearl, Paradise, or Portugal Cove, you'll find that all of these different areas will provide all the accommodations and amenities you could hope for in such a beautiful area. You'll find that there are a vast number of affordable opportunities available for you in this lovely area. Many of the opportunities available will come in the form of two, three, four, and even five-bedroom homes. Whether you're looking for residential, condo, single or multi-family, you'll find everything needed in this beautiful historic location.

* Points of Interest

Although Newfoundland is quite historic on its own, you'll discover that St. John's, NL, will also have its share of historic locations in which to visit so you will be able to experience all that this wonderful area has to offer. The Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador, Piggy Park, the Murray Premises, and Signal Hill are all areas that will provide you with a vast number of opportunities when it comes to discovering the historic value of this fantastic yet wondrous location.

If you've been trying to make a decision about a wonderful place for relocation, you'll discover that St. John's, NL, will provide you with everything you need when it comes to affordable real estate as well as a wonderful place to live off the eastern seaboard. When it comes to real estate opportunities, this is one area that will surely need to be considered whether for historical purposes, or for those that would simply like a place to live that is quiet, peaceful, and all inclusive.

Local Attractions

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Construction and Expansion

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Community Events

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Family & Kids

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There aren't many places in this world that you can go and find people who are as proud of who they are, or where they come from as Newfoundland.  Newfoundland spirit is alive and well.  You can go to almost any Province and there is a Newfoundland Club, Newfoundland Fish and Chips or a Newfoundland Store.  We live in a Province so rich in history, so strong in heritage. Our bones are ... Read More...
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Market Reports and Conditions

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Schools & Universities

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  The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District has voted to move forward with a number of changes to the Mount Pearl/Paradise school system.    Not everyone is pleased with the decision to move forward with changes to the Mount Pearl/Paradise school system. However, a strong majority of the school board voted in favour of the three motions, constructed in an effort to ... Read More...
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