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If you've been trying to find one of the most elegant places to live in all of Nova Scotia, the one and only place you should consider will be the delightful community of East Hants, NS. This particular location in Nova Scotia is not only a small-town located in the heart of this wonderful area, but it is also an entire district that spans from the Bay of Fundy to the Shubenacadie Grand Lake in one direction, and from Riverside to Woodville in another. If you've been looking for a wonderful yet elegant place to relocate to, East Hants will provide real estate, Parks and Recreation, and points of interest unlike any other area you'll find.

* Real Estate

If you're looking for real estate opportunities in this area, you are not limited to one location. You'll be able to select from West Gore, Upper Rawdon, Upper Nine Mile River, and East Gore to name only a few locations you can choose from in the East Hants district. In addition, the real estate opportunities that are available will be bay-front properties, lake-front properties, single and multifamily homes, farms with acreage, and land with the option for new construction. For those that simply plan to invest in the area, there are many manufacturing and horse farms located in the area that will provide investment options for those planning to invest without moving to the area.

* Parks and Recreation

If there is anything you can surely count on in this wonderful area, it will be all of the different parks and recreational opportunities you will be able to take advantage of. It's important to realize that East Hants, NS is surrounded by lakes, rivers, streams, and a variety of different parks. If you plan to enjoy any of the outdoor activities, you will definitely want to take advantage of water sporting activities, fishing and hiking, and camping that is available in places like Valley, Rocky, Big, and McGrath Lake to name only a few. You will also be able to drive only a short distance to the Bay of Fundy and enjoy many of the activities that will be available throughout the year.

* Points of Interest

You'll find that East Hants, NS will have many points of interest. With the high mountain ranges and the lower river valleys, you will simply be in awe when visiting this beautiful location. Whether you enjoy scenic drives through the mountainsides or you would like to ride a bike to see all that you can see, there are a number of beautiful places to visit and enjoy all of nature's natural beauty. If this is something you enjoy, this will be an ideal location for you when it comes to considering a place to move to in Nova Scotia.

When considering any area for relocation, you will almost always need to sit down and perform a little research on the area. However, when jotting down just a few key items about East Hants, NS, you'll quickly find that this is definitely a small community that really has something to offer. Now you know more about the real estate opportunities available, some of the outdoor activities you can get involved in, and how beautiful this area is overall, you'll be able to make a decision as to whether East Hants will be the ideal location of your choice.

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