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Have you been contemplating a living arrangement in Nova Scotia? Would you like to find real estate investments in the area of Hants Co., NS? If so, you'll find that this entire area has a population of 41,182 as of the 2006 census, and it spans a massive area of roughly 3,049 km or 1,177 sq miles. You'll discover that although it is a large area, it's not very populated. Here we'll discover more about Hants County, a bit more about the economy, the communities, and the real estate opportunities, as well as why this particular area might make the perfect choice when it comes to your new living arrangements.

* Economy

Nova Scotia is an area that has been primarily developed based on its ship building capabilities. You'll find that this is especially true when it comes to Hants Co., NS. This is an area that is no different when it came to its ability to build a number of different ships. With the natural Bay of Fundy, this made an excellent location for creating, developing, and launching ships on a normal basis. However, the economy in this area has changed quite a bit and doesn't rely on shipbuilding as it did in years past. This area is now known for its agriculture, its natural resources, and the very large fishing industry.

* Communities

There are a vast number of communities that make up Hants Co., NS. Some of the main communities that exist in and around the Bay of Fundy will be Avondale, Wentworth Creek, Upper Burlington, Summerville, Falmouth, and Newport Landing to name a few. Some of the inland areas that will make up this wonderful scenic county will consist of Asheville, Woodville, Kennetcook, South Maitland, Lakelands, and Hartville. These are only a handful of communities that make up the large and very beautiful Hants County, NS.

* Real Estate

With an excellent economy that is based on agriculture, natural resources, and the fishing industry, as well as the many communities you'll be able to choose from, the real estate opportunities in this area will be very interesting as well. There are many opportunities you'll be able to take advantage of in any of the number of towns that make up the County of Hants. Whether you're looking for Bayfront property, inland property, lakefront property, land with acreage, farmland, or simply to invest in this beautiful area, all of these opportunities will be available to you in the lovely area of Hants Co., NS. So if you've been planning to relocate, this will make an excellent choice when it comes to real estate.

Whenever a person has to contemplate relocation, this can always be a difficult process. However, it doesn't have to be difficult when investment opportunities are involved. You'll find that by moving to Nova Scotia, there are beautiful locations such as Hants Co., NS, which will provide all that is needed when it comes to your accommodations and amenities. Real estate opportunities will only be the icing on the cake if you've made a decision that Hants County, NS will be your relocation destination.

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