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North Sydney

Have you been considering relocating to Nova Scotia? Have you been thinking about the area of Cape Breton Island? If you have, then you'll definitely want to consider North Sydney, NS. Of course, many areas in Nova Scotia are known for shipbuilding, but this is one particular area that specialized in building large wooden ships. Although shipbuilding has declined, this particular area is more known for farmer's exhibitions, horse riding, and largely horse competitions. Here we'll discover more about Nova Scotia in terms of the community, the education system, and what you can look forward to when it comes to your real estate needs.

* Community

North Sydney, NS is an area that was established back in 1885 and currently has a population of 6,775 as of the 2001 census. The numbers of individuals that populate this area are mainly involved in farming, agriculture, and raising horses. You'll find that this community comes together each year to hold the Cape Breton County Farmer's Exhibition. This is an exhibition that is brought to the community by the Cape Breton Federation of Agriculture. Everyone gets involved and puts on one of the largest tourist attractions that you'll find in this entire area. You'll find that there are horse riding presentations, skills competitions, barrel racing, as well as draft horse competitions.

* Education

If the community doesn't provide enough for you, you'll find that the educational institutions in this area will. You'll be able to choose between the many schools that are available for your younger students, as well as some of the best learning institutions available for your older students. Seton elementary and St. Joseph's elementary are some of the primary schools for your younger students. Thompson junior high will provide all that is needed for your junior students, and Memorial composite high school that resides in Sydney Mines will provide all that is needed for your high school students.

* Real Estate

If you've been looking for real estate opportunities in the area, you'll find that North Sydney, NS will have options for you in this area as well. Whether you're looking for something off of Queens, Purves, or King Street, you'll have a lot of opportunities available for you in these areas. If you're looking for lakefront property, you'll find all that you need in this wonderful location. You'll be able to purchase property or residential homes that will provide excellent views of Pottle or Gammell Lake. In addition, if you would like to overlook the Trans-Canada oceanic highway, there are properties available that will give you this view as well.

All in all, North Sydney, NS will have something for everyone and it's just a matter of deciding whether or not this is a location that will be right for you. With the information provided above, you'll be able to make an educated choice as to whether this is a community you can fall in love with, whether this is an area that can provide everything needed when it comes to your younger students educational needs, or if there is a real estate opportunity available that will provide all that you need to make it worth relocating.

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