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For those planning to live in Nova Scotia, you will surely want to consider the wonderful area of Truro, NS. This is a very historic area that had settlers as early as 1727. Since that time, this area has grown to a population of 12,059 as of the 2011 census. Truro resides at the most northeastern tip of the Bay a Fundy. To be more specific, Highway 104 and 102 intersect right in the center of town. If you've been looking for a beautiful place in the area of Nova Scotia in which you can relocate yourself or your entire family, this is an area that will definitely need to be considered. Whether you're looking for a location based on real estate, history, or education, you'll find all of this and much more in this wonderful location.

* Real Estate

Of course, whenever a family decides that they need to relocate, real estate will be a very important factor. Well, you'll be happy to know that you will not have to have concerns in this particular area. Regardless of the type of real estate you're looking for, you'll be able to find exactly what you need in this wonderful location. Whether you are looking for land for new construction, land with acreage, residential properties, or single or multifamily homes, you'll find all of this and much more in the beautiful area of Truro, NS. In addition, you'll find investment opportunities available in this area when it comes to commercial property and business.

* History

It's probably important to note that this was an area that was originally established as a farming community. Of course farming gave way to the Nova Scotia Railway that ran between Truro and Halifax. This of course became one of the most important aspects of the area because it promoted growth by allowing people to commute between both areas. Of course, when people are able to transport between areas, this will bring other advantages and in the case of Truro, one of the major advantages was the creation of the local educational institutions.

* Education

This is a location that has some of the best educational opportunities in all of Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Agricultural College is only a short distance away in Bible Hill. This is an area that provides all that is needed when it comes to education in general - but primarily education that is geared towards agricultural concepts. For those looking for higher education in these areas, you'll find that this particular school will provide all that is needed. You'll also find that the Nova Scotia Community College is located in the area as well. This will provide additional opportunities for those seeking higher education.

So, if you're planning to live in Nova Scotia, you'll find that there are many opportunities available for you in the town of Truro, NS. Real estate will definitely be an important factor; however, the history of the area in the educational opportunities will surely make your move well worth it. So if you've been considering different locations in Nova Scotia, you will definitely want to consider Truro as a relocation choice.

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