Waterville Real Estate Listings and Information


Located on the Cornwallis River, the community is located 15 kilometers west of Kentville.  It is home to the Waterville/Kings County Municipal Airport, Michelin Tire factory, the Nova Scotia Youth Facility and the Kings County Rehabilitation Centre.  Waterville also has its own Volunteer Fire Department. 

Due to the above mentioned facilities there is a fairly large number of people who enjoy employment in the area.

Waterville supports a quiet rural lifestyle and there is only minimal development in the housing sector.  There aren’t any large subdivisions or subdivision developments currently taking place. The population as of 2006 was 928.

The Municipal Airport is also home to Valley Search and Rescue, pilots training and skydiving opportunities of which a number of people take advantage of in the warmer weather. 

Churches located in Waterville include the Trinity United Church and the Waterville United Baptist Church.  There is also a Waterville Post Office for mail service.