Home Control and Monitoring - as Simple as an App

Home control systems seamlessly link temperature, drapes, lights, audio/video components, security and more — to a phone, laptop, and iPad® from the road, or customized touch panels and keypads in-residence. The ability to control devices and systems in your home or from anywhere in the world – with the touch of a button – is the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Leading companies such as Crestron, AMX, Savant and Control4 equip homes with systems that vary in price, depending on desired functionality and degree of programming involved. According to Joe Andrulis, Vice President of Marketing for AMX, the consensus among most automation channel vendors is that three major trends are driving change in the automation segment: unified control; energy management, and integration with mobile devices as interfaces. Users especially want to integrate all independent electronics and systems to one device for remote monitoring and control. Whatever your choice, a simple to use, reliable system has become more necessity than luxury, delivering access and peace of mind to busy homeowners.