Century 21 Brand and a Strong Global Economy

With my recent trip to the Century 21 Canadian Conference we learned a great deal about the continued strength of the Century 21 Brand both on a domestic and global level.  Century 21 truly stands behind our slogan Smarter.  Bolder. Faster. as we are pioneering the integration of technology advancements and Real Estate on a global level.

As a brand, we have the power to educate our clients and customers.  I'm happy and proud to be part of a leading Real Estate brand in technology.  As we forge toward more and more technological growth it is imperative that we use new advancements with our clients and educated them differently. With that said, Real Estate is face to face driven.  I believe successful relationships are built with personality and knowledge.  Educating my clients with unique insights and perspectives rather than inundating them with mundane information they can easily access on the internet in the comfort of their current homes, is the key to client satisfaction.  There are countless online resources to find out about upcoming open houses, how to pay off your mortgage quicker, calculating your mortgage, the list is endless.  What Century 21 provides for its Sales Representatives and Brokers is greater access to information, education and details at our fingertips.  Providing clients with education and additional perspectives in a face to face meeting will continue to set my clients and myself up for success.  

As Don Lawby, President of Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership, stated in an interview, "Technology is quick and efficient, but professionals have to fix the disconnect and be more approachable to clients.  That means face-to-face time and picking up the phone every once in a while."  (Read the full article here). 

I agree.  Gaining respect and retaining clients is truly not about self-promotion or hard sales anymore.  It is far too easy to sit behind a computer and populate information, but what's the client respect and retention on that?  While education and marketing can be viewed as juxtaposing principles, education really is the new marketing.  

So what's all this education and technology have to do with the Global Century 21 Brand?  Easy.  As a global brand, we have the power to connect, educate and facilitate across the globe.  Our integrated technologies will allow us to easily communicate with people relocating from one country to the next.  If you are from Canada and need to move to Singapore, I have the ability to help you with that process, including the language translation.  If an investor from Hong Kong wants to invest in Canada, again, I can facilitate the transaction with our Century 21 technology.  

With the growing global economic strength, this is one powerful brand to be part of! 
(See more global economic strength here from Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine).

Deb Lawson     



 Deb Lawson
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