Create a playroom that will grow with your kids


Anyone with children can confirm that from the moment that little bundle of joy arrives, your home suddenly starts resembling a daycare centre. It’s amazing how much stuff one tiny little person requires! Between playpens and swings, activity centres and jolly jumpers, it isn’t long before your perfectly decorated living room is overrun.

Fortunately, as kids get a little older, it becomes easier to contain their stuff. Many parents like to keep bedroom toys to a minimum so organizing a playroom is a great option. There are plenty of ways to create an amazing space on a budget for your little ones to have fun and learn.

Start by determining how much space you have to work with. Do you have an extra bedroom to spare? A section of your finished basement? Unused attic space that might work? It doesn’t have to be huge. Even a 10’x10’ room will provide more than enough space and will be inexpensive to outfit.

The walls are one place where you can really let your creativity soar. If you’ve always wanted to try broad horizontal stripes, this is your chance! Let your kids help you choose the colours and older kids can even help taping off sections and painting. You could also paint a mural, apply kid-friendly wallpaper or use stick-on decals. Covering one wall with chalkboard paint will provide hours of entertainment!

Next, turn your attention to the floor. If the area is already carpeted or has a hardwood or laminate floor, purchase interlocking foam squares to help protect the surface. You could also look for a large area rug with a colourful, bold pattern.

The next area to address (and one of the most important!) is storage. Help kids keep things organized and tidy by providing a home for everything. You can use bins, shelves, closet organizers, baskets or a toy chest.

If space allows, consider buying a small table and chairs set or refinishing an old desk so they have a spot for colouring, crafts and drawing.

And be sure to leave plenty of floor space for activities!


Jeff Hewson

Sales Representative

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