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How to Successfully Downsize Your Home

The era of the McMansion is coming to an end. Families are recognizing the benefits of downsizing to smaller homes over enormous homes. When was the last time you used your formal living room, guest room, or dining room? How much do those unused rooms cost in your mortgage, electricity bill, furniture and accessories, property taxes, insurance bills, and time/money spent cleaning those rooms? Consider ...

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Advice for First-Time Homebuyers Buying their First Home

Advice for first-time homebuyers buying their first home can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. This is one of the largest investments you will most likely make, so planning ahead is important. Here is some advice for people buying their first home: Start with the end and work your way backwards: too often the excitement of buying your first home can cloud your rational judgment. Before ...

Tips for your home in the New Year!

Once we take down the tree and all the Christmas decorations, our homes look bare. Here are a few hints to brighten up your home for the New Year. Scum-Proof Your Shower Doors Keeping shower doors clean and streak free is a challenge—unless you know the pros' secrets. Start by cleaning any mold, mildew or streaks off the glass with a glass cleaner. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get into ...

Steps to Clear Your Clutter

Steps to Clear Your Clutter  When cleaning the attic, de-cluttering the garage, or emptying the storage locker, you may find yourself thinking "what should I do with all of this stuff?" While tossing your extra belongings in the trash bin is one option, it may not be your best bet. After all, some of the items may still have value. Plus, with an increased concern for going green you may be ...

What Empty Nesters are Looking for in a New Home When they Downsize

The Baby Boomer Generation is the largest age group of today's population. These retirees or soon to be retirees, are also looking to downsize from their current homes, and looking to purchase or build ones that are specific to their new needs and lifestyle. These buyers are very specific in their desires and needs. As these retirees pack up their large homes, many of which have seen the arrival ...

Tips for Generation X and Generation Y Homebuyers

Research has found that people who belong to Generation X and Generation Y haven’t been deterred by the housing market downturn. 75% of people belonging to Generation X and Generation Y believe that owning a home means they are successful, 69% of people say that the recent market downturn made them more knowledgeable about homeownership than their parents. It turns out that Generation X-ers and ...

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Important Things First Time Homebuyers Wish They Knew When They Buy Their First Home

New homebuyers have most likely made every mistake in the book when it comes to buying their first home. They’ve overpaid, overspent and bought homes they just couldn’t afford. And, most of the time, these missteps happen because buyers aren’t informed or don’t ask the right questions. Many of these missteps can be avoided. Here are some of the most common missteps buyers wish ...
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