Moving Across Town or Even Further

Moving is an adjustment, whether you are moving across town or relocating across the country. 

Moving across town or to a new neighbourhood may mean learning new routes to work, selecting a new dentist, and finding a new grocery store. It may also mean a change in schools if you have young children.


Moving across the country can be much more challenging. Relocation is rarely easy. But being prepared can help you make good decisions and ease the transition. 

Here are some of the most common concerns:


* Spouse or significant other: Many relocating couples are concerned about finding work for the trailing spouse. Some companies offer career counselling and job placement.

* Children: Often children resent a move. Researching activities and getting the kids involved in the new community will help them make the adjustment. Some experts recommend moving mid–school year rather than waiting until summer. This may enable children to make friends faster.

* Costs: The cost of housing can be a shock to a transferee. Many companies have relocation packages that help with the closing costs and the cost of moving. This may be something to negotiate with your employer.

* Community: When relocating to a new city, people often try to replace what they left behind. Communities may have many amenities, but they may not be the same as you were used to.  

Before you move, I can provide you with a relocation package for your destination city, which will have information about the weather, schools, lifestyles, and amenities.


These are just a few things to consider. Whether moving locally or nationally, We can provide you with the information you need to make your move a happy one.