3 Best in Ottawa West ~ Splash Pads

Brookshire Park ~ 1035 Klondike Rd

We live quite close to Brookshire Park here in Kanata, so it's our regular hangout. It's the perfect size and has yet to feel crowded. The children can either play on the playground (2 sizes to accomodate different ages) or cool off on the splash pad. It has the overhead sprinklers, baby cyclone sprayer -- my 3 year old digs this one and the ground sprayers. We probably looked like the worst parents when we told our 8 year old to count the holes in the, at the time, dormant ground sprayer, haha!

If you really wanted to make an afternoon of it, stop by the Sippy Cup Cafe at 1104 Klondike Rd  

Centrepointe Park ~ 114 Centrepointe Dr                                                                                                                                

On went the water shoes and off went my children (3, 5 & 8) My little one was all about the little ground sprinklers, but my two older ones could not get enough of the overhead ones. It's a beautiful park and even though there were quite a few children, it didn't feel crowded. The company was have at parks, does make a difference to me. The parents were all very respectful it was a all around great experience.

Saunders Farm ~ "Charming" would be the word I'd describe this farm. Their Water Spray Zone is reminiscent of a simpler time and you will literally feel all your worries wash away! Pun intended. There is a entrance fee, so I included the website for you to plan your visit!