Ottawa development looking up as condos go sky-high

Ottawa development looking up as condos go sky-high

In downtown Ottawa, you can't build anything taller than the Peace Tower – beyond that, developers are jumping on the opportunity to build up

Up until 1965, you wouldn't find a building taller than the Peace Tower in Ottawa. Federal and city regulations banned developments over 92 metres to preserve the skyline dominance of Parliament Hill.

The rule still exists in Ottawa's immediate downtown area to help protect the classic silhouette. But, outside the downtown core, almost 25 buildings across the city are either already built or nearing completion in the next few years that will eclipse that 92-metre mark, including the 45-storey (147-metre) Claridge Icon, set to be the city's tallest residential condo when completed this year.Ottawa has become the latest city in Canada to start building up.

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