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The Area now called “Lakeside Village” was part of the farm of Marvin Hamilton. A number of Lindsay people purchased a portion of the farm and started development in 1975.

They originally proposed a 140 unit site trailer park. However Fenelon Township would not approve this plan due to water supply and sewage concerns for such a high concentration of people. Plans were revised for a 70 site modular home retirement community, but this plan was also rejected for the same reasons.

On the third proposal the plan that was accepted is basically as you see it today.

Some features of the community are:  
- 43 spacious lots; 1/2 to 2 acres
- Year around road maintenance services and snow removal
- Water supply on each lot
- Lawn watering system pumped from the lake
- Marina / private boat docking for each lot
- 20 acres of community owned parkland and forest

Community events have included : fireworks, corn roasts, picnics, golf, bowling, and curling days, casino trips, horse races, Christmas parties and carolling.

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