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Buying a Home Practical Considerations

Buying a home is an important decision that can make an enormous difference in your lifestyle. It is also the biggest financial transaction you may make. There are some specific things to consider about a home to buy.   * Be realistic: There are no perfect homes. Decide what is important to you, and make sure you find a home that has the features you require. Be prepared to compromise on some ...


We would like to Thank Everyone for Helping us become the Number One TEAM at Century 21 United in 2011. We wish you all the best for a safe holiday a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Moving Across Town or Even Further

Moving is an adjustment, whether you are moving across town or relocating across the country.  Moving across town or to a new neighbourhood may mean learning new routes to work, selecting a new dentist, and finding a new grocery store. It may also mean a change in schools if you have young children.   Moving across the country can be much more challenging. Relocation is rarely easy. ...

If my house is for sale is it good to decorate my home for the Holidays?

Yes, decorate your home but don't over do it! Be conservative. Use this opportunity to stage your home. It will make it feel warm and inviting for Buyers. Choose a small Christmas tree that does not crowd the room. Use white mini lights and a few ornaments in one colour if possible. Don't draw too much attention to the tree. Place a live wreath on the front door as a welcoming to the buyer and your ...

Home projects to complete before you put your home on the market

The goal of every home seller is to sell his or her home as efficiently as possible for the highest price. Every seller should clean and stage their home for potential buyers, but see below for what projects should be completed before you put your home on the market. If it’s broke, fix it - This is crucial in the selling process. Repair the broken cabinet or loose railing before buyers view ...

November 2011 Listing Status Report

LISTING STATUS REPORT 1-Nov-2011 TO 30-Nov-2011   RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL MULTIFAMILY FARM TOTALS ACTIVE 326 39 7 4 376 SOLD 196 7 4 3 210 CONDITIONAL 38 4 1 1 44 EXPIRED 320 24 2 6 352 CANCELLED 54 6 1 3 64 WITHDRAWN 7 1 3 0 11   TOTALS 941 81 18 17 1057 CENTURY 21 Agents. SMARTER, BOLDER FASTER. ...
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