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Visitor at the Dock

Turbo Beaver Stopped by for a visit! Manufactured in 1959 but it looks like it's new.

5 hot Spring tips for selling your home

1. Find the Right AgentThis step is undoubtedly the most important, and should be one you are thinking about long before the time comes to put your home on the market. The perfect agent for you should be trust-worthy, easy to talk to, and should understand your needs. Your agent should help you with the following 4 steps (including pricing and marketing your home of course!). Don’t know where to begin ...

Spring '14

Baby martens are born in March and AprilMarch 9 - Daylight Saving Time beginsMarch 14 - Potato Chip DayWinnipeg Jets vs the New York Rangers @ 7:00pm @ MTS Centre.....GO JETS GO! March 17 - St. Patrick's DayMarch 20 - Vernal Equinox - The First Day of Spring brings increasing daylight and warming temperatures!March 21, 2012 - Temperatures in Petawawa, ON reached 28.8C, the highest ...

Mortgage Rates!

It's still a good time to buy a home in Kenora.  The Financial Post reports rates from some mortgage brokers on five-year fixed rate loans have dipped below 2.99%.  Money is cheap now lets get out there and find a house!  

Spring Will be Here Soon

Start your seeds, indoors Decide what you want to adorn your yard with this summer. Whether it's edible or decorative, buy your seeds and get them started on a window sill. When the sun finally emerges, your garden will be ready to plant. Lawn still white? Focus on hosting ideas Does your deck furniture need an update or are you looking to install a fire pit? Start looking into the supplies and ...

Home staging tips for succesfully selling your home

1. Curb Appeal Stand back and view your home as if you were seeing it for the first time. This is the ‘first impression’ stage. Depending on the season you may want to have pots of colourful and attractive flowers to greet buyers; a clean and inviting door mat; new and shiny door handles and/or knockers; a freshly painted door.  2. Declutter Start your pre-pack as soon as possible. You need ...

Winter Carnival!

If you live in Kenora you are no stranger to cold weather so why not enjoy it!  There are a lot of things to do in the winter including skiing, skating and snowmobiling.  Something to look forward to will be the Kenora Winter Carnival which is scheduled to take place March 7, 8 & 9.  Lets hope it's a lot warmer by then!

Antonio Cianci

Hello, My name is Antonio Cianci, the newest Century 21 Reynard Real Estate Sales Representative. Like many people you meet in Kenora, I was born and raised here. However, unlike many of the lifelong locals, I left for over a decade to explore the country and gain professional experience in the larger cities of Ottawa and Calgary. I attended Okanagan University College after high school, where ...

Winter is coming!

Like it or not, winter is coming. You may not want to think about ice and snow just yet, but now is the time to prepare your home for the cold. A few minor home improvements could save you hundreds of dollars in the coming chilly months. Luckily, many essential home improvements are easy and affordable - and will make a big difference in your energy bills in the winter. If you haven't already, ...

Getting ready for winter!

No matter what we say or do, we can't stop the change of seasons.  Snow is on the horizon and Winter is just around the corner.  If you live in this area you know it's always an adventure.  It's a great place to live, enjoy your community and all the great things it has to offer!
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