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The Highland district is situated just south of the South London planning district and the four northernmost blocks overlap with the area generally known as Old South. It is bounded on the west by the irregular boundary along Wharncliffe Rd and the extends farther west along Andover Dr. The irregular southern boundary follows Southdale Rd. then cuts north along the edge of Highland Golf Course and across to the eastern boundary along Wellington Rd. The smaller neighbourhoods of Norton Estates, Cleardale, Lockwood Park and Mounstfield are all found in the Highland planning district.

The area is surrounded by commercial areas along Wellington Rd. and Wharncliff Rd. and contains several large parks including Mitches Park, Cleardale Park, Winblest Park and Earl Nichols Park. Earl Nichols triple pad arena and community centre and Arthur Ford Public School, Mountsfield Public School, Sir Georges Etienne Cartier Public School, Sir Isaac Brock Public School and St. Jude Separate School schools are also found here. Highland Country Club is found in the middle of this district.

The Highland area has a mix of different homes and property values.  There are fair number of townhouse condos and high rises in the Sandringham and Wilkins area.  There are "average" detached homes in the Ferndale Avenue part of the neighbourhood.  Surrounding the Highland Country Club which gives this neighbourhood part of its name, you will find most of the properties are in the "above average" or "high end" categories in terms of property values. It is close to downtown, close to the highway, close to shopping and has well integrated services, good neighbourhood schools and bus routes.

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