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Mallorytown is located, along the St. Lawrence River between Kingston and Brockville. It is the home of the St. Lawrence Islands National Park, Brown's Bay Provincial Park,  which is also Canada's smallest national park,as well as a number of private campgrounds.

The Village of Mallorytown, was founded by Nathanial Mallory.   This village is the site of Canada's first glassworks factory, which began in 1839, and closed one year later in 1840.  Only a few pieces of Mallorytown Glass still exist, one well known piece is the ‘Mallorytown Pitcher' which is on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.  Visitors can view a reproduction of this piece at the Mallory Coach House,  which is open  in the spring and summer months on weekends.

Mallorytown is part of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve which is promoting locally grown foods, environmental education, and growing natural indigineous plants.  Working in conjunction with the Reserve is the Communities in Bloom committe.  Several local volunteers work on beautifying the area with natural plantings of flowers and helping educate the community on maintaining a healthy environment.

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