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Selling in the Dead of winter...should I or shouldn't I?

So you have come to a conclusion that you are ready to sell your property but then realize that it's the middle of winter!  It's freezing out, snow is covering your beautiful landscaping, your windows have ice build up and frost on them, and your entrance way is littered with winter boots and such. What do you do now? second thoughts?   Over the last few weeks, several of my clients have ...

What Every First-Time Home Buyer Needs to Know

The time has come, you are ready to enter the exciting world of home ownership. You’ve saved, you’ve imagined and now you are ready to put a deposit on the home of your dreams (when you find it, of course). Buying your first home can be exhilarating and overwhelming all at the same time. Take a deep breath and follow these tips to make your first experience a great one. Consider all ...

Late start to the Spring Market!

Is it just me, or did the spring market just start to take off this month?  Typically, the statistics show that the activity starts to increase by the end of March.  Well in the past, that was true for me.  However, this year it started late.  Anyone else experiencing the same?  Somehow I think mother nature has something to do with it this year! 

It's Not Too Late!

   In the Greater Toronto Area, we have seen a steady growth in our real estate market even with a couple of major changes that affected our market place in the last 5 years. One major change was in 2008 which was the additional land transfer tax that buyers paid on properties registered with the Toronto Land Registry Office. Since this is an out of pocket expense, some buyers have steered ...

New Changes With Canada's Mortgage Rules

      Canada's housing financing rules for government-backed insured mortgages are going to be adjusted once again. Yesterday Jim Flaherty announced that these changes are to help hard working Canadians to not become overextended. The 4 new measures below will take effect on July 9th, 2012. Since 2011, the current maximum amortization is 30 years which was ...

Is Condo Living For You?

Let's start by clarifying the word Condominium as some people think it refers to a building. The legal definition is that it is a type or method of ownership. There are low or high rise condominium buildings and there are condominium townhouses. It is important to understand that the buyer is buying ownership to the interior space and all owners will jointly own the exterior and mechanical structures ...
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