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Interest Rates to stay low according to BoC

This is great news for buyers looking to upgrade, first-time buyers, buyers thinking of owning a cottage and investors as well. Follow the link to Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine to find out more .... Daily Market Update: BoC Governor hints that lower rates could be here to stay...RBC still 'in business' for U.S. financing...Insurance Bureau advises homeowners ...

Canadian Home Sales Surge in June!

Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver and Calgary are the hottest markets in the country for real-estate.  An interesting look at how the Canadian Housing Market is defying the nay-sayers:

Market Watch

The Great Toronto Realtors have just released the latest sales report for the Greater Toronto Area. Last month, there were 10,180 sales transactions reported through the TorontoMLS system. This represents a 15.4 per cent increase compared to June 2013, which had 8,821 sales. There were also fewer active listings last month with 20,686 listings compared to 22,205 last year, which marks a 6.8 per cent ...

Strong Growth in June Sales

July 4, 2014 -- Stepping into his role as President of the Toronto Real Estate Board, Paul Etherington announced a strong increase in residential sales reported through the TorontoMLS system in June. Sales were up by 15.4 per cent year-over-year to 10,180 transactions. New listings were also up compared to the same period in 2013, but by a lesser annual rate. This means that competition between buyers ...

The Market According to TREB's Mercer - June 2014

TREB's Jason Mercer - Senior Manager, Market Analysis - discusses the current market.

Where to buy your Dream Home

By now you may have noticed a common theme in these articles: the importance of location (as the saying in real estate circles goes, “Location, location, location!”) This is true for a variety of reasons: convenience (such as closeness to highways), safety of the neighbourhood, value of the area, and the list goes on. One factor that is often overlooked is entertainment. You may be feeling ...

Sellers' Market

Starting right from the beginning of this year, we have been witnessing a Sellers' Market in the GTA.  More Buyers looking to buy properties than Sellers looking to sell creates a Sellers' Market, when homes often are being sold very close to asking price, or in some instances, over asking price.  According to TREB, the Sellers' Market will hold out throughout 2014; so if you are looking ...

TREB Market Watch - May 2014

Jason Mercer- Senior Manager, Market Analysis of Toronto Real Estate Board explains what happened in the GTA real estate market during May 2014

House Hunting

Now that the warm spring weather is finally upon us, many are embarking on their hunt for a new place to call home. While Markham has a plethora of options in the resale sector, it is also where a number of new home builders have sites. With that comes an even greater variety in housing options for you. This can be easily verified by a quick drive through most of the main arteries of the township. ...

May Sales in Real Estate

Toronto Real Estate Board President Dianne Usher announced that both the number of home sales through the TorontoMLS system and the average selling price were up strongly in May compared to a year ago.  Total TorontoMLS sales for May 2014 amounted to 11,079 – a new high for the month of May. This result was up by 11.4 per cent compared to 9,946 sales reported in May 2013. The average selling ...
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