Early Education @ Bannockburn

Looking to send your toddler to a private early education centre. Look no further, Bannockburn located at Avenue Rd between Wilson and Lawrence.

Bannockburn School provides a child-centered education that nurtures a child’s fullest potential during the crucial early years of development. Bannockburn’s rich Montessori learning environment and education program are carefully developed to meet the specific needs of children in each formative plane: Toddler (14 mos-2.5 yrs), Primary (3-6 yrs) and Elementary (6-12 yrs). Children grow in a peaceful, stimulating environment: Beautiful, fully-equipped classrooms, age-appropriate play and sports areas, and green fields amongst mature trees. Classrooms are directed by dedicated, certified teachers, complemented by Specialist Enrichment in French, Music, Art and Physical Education. Bannockburn graduates go on to thrive, academically and independently, in Toronto's most rigorous and competitive schools. Visit the web  and learn how Bannockburn can make a significant difference in your child’s life, at the time when learning matters most.

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