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Milton Volleyball and Badminton Teams

Milton has a Volleyball and Badminton Teams. There are so may activities for the young and not so young in Milton. Making a new years resolution to get fit and stay healthy then why not join one of these teams and get active. For more information please visit Milton Volleyball 

Moonlight Snowshoe Hikes at Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Conservation Halton invites you to embrace winter with its weekend Moonlight Snowshoe Hikes at Crawford Lake Conservation Area. The park will conduct the hikes on Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 throughout January and February 2015. Each hike will begin with basic instructions and some historical background on the sport of snowshowing, and will be followed by a guided trek around the Crawford ...

Winter Emergency Checklist

How To Make Your Own Emergency Kit: Winter Emergency Checklist  Families should consider having an emergency kit in their home. Having essential items to keep a family maintained in the event of a power outage or terrible storm is a great way to be prepared for unforeseen emergencies. An emergency kit is something that is useful in any household. Use or print this list for use to make your ...

Clubs and Drop in Programs for Older Adults in the Milton Area

There are a number of clubs and activities that you can partake in if you are an older adult in the Milton Area. There are a number of great activities and clubs that you can join at your leisure. Here you will find the schedule of activities and clubs. Just clink on the link and enjoy

Holiday Season Decorating Ideas

December has arrived and that means it is time to decorate your home for the festive season. Here are some decorating ideas that will allow you to prepare your home for the holiday season: Cranberry luminaries: this Christmas idea is simple to create. Layer a glass vase with fake snow and real cranberries (or fake ones if desired). Tuck in a candle. Align on your walkway or table as a decoration that ...

Mattamy National Cycling Arena-Registered Track Cycling- Register Now

Due to high demand, extra certification sessions are being added to certify those who are eager to get on the Mattamy National Cycling Centre track as soon as possible. Programs are filling quickly so register now via our Cycling Programs page to avoid any disappointment! Commences January 13th 2015

Drop in Skating Schedule for Milton

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Tim Hortons, a variety of free skating sessions are now being offered from  December 24 to January 4 2015. Come out with your family to enjoy some active quality time together. The schedule is attached. Enjoy your skating.

Drop in Aquafit Schedule for Milton

Are you interested in Aquafit? The town of Milton has an Aquafit schedule that may suit your busy work and home schedule. Check it out at

Christmas Holiday Decorating Ideas

Now is the time of year to bring cheer to your home this holiday season. Here are some simple holiday decorating ideas that you can do in and around your home to bring in the Christmas spirit: Create a warm welcome: a wonderful way to light up your home during the holidays is by using a variety of lights. Line the lights up along front walkways, driveways, and porches for a fiery Christmas display. ...

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale This Winter

What You Should Know About Getting Your Home Ready For Sale This Winter It is important to remember when selling your home during the winter season that you appeal to home buyers. Here are some useful tips for selling your home or getting it ready to sell during the holidays or winter season. Staging your home is always a great idea. This means that de-cluttering and giving your home a good ...
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